Competitors play a mean game of pinball in Flint during third annual Pin Wars event

-4cbbdd43a0c45be6MLive out in Flint, Michigan ran a piece on the 3rd annual Pin Wars tournament. Pin Wars is one of the nearly 450 annual IFPA endorsed tournaments where players can earn World Pinball Player Rankings points, and qualify for the IFPA World Pinball Championship. This tournament is also part of the IFPA State Championship Series, being included in the qualifying for the IFPA Michigan State Pinball Championship. Featured in the article is tournament organizer [player]Andy Rosa[/player] (ranked 11th in the world). Andy is currently the top qualifier in the IFPA Michigan State Pinbal Championship, as well as 3rd place in Ohio, and 4th place in Kentucky. Also featured in the article is [player]Mark Henderson[/player] (ranked 432nd in the world). Click HERE to read the article.

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