Competitive pinball bounces back

In continuing coverage leading up to the 9th annual Fairfax Pinball Open, WTOP 103.5FM interviewed [player]Paul McGlone[/player], the 223rd ranked pinball player in the world, and winner of the Classics A division at FPO9. They also have an article online with some additional coverage of the event. Other players featured include [player]Chris Newsom[/player](ranked 467th, and winner of the A division), [player]Trent Augenstein[/player](ranked 12th), [player]Dave Stewart[/player](ranked 303rd) and [player]Catrina Enders[/player](ranked 3003rd). The Fairfax Pinball Open is one of the nearly 350 annual IFPA endorsed tournaments where players can earn World Pinball Player Rankings points, and qualify for the IFPA World Pinball Championship. Click HERE to listen to the audio portion, and HERE for the online article. 

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