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This page is for tracking those who are attending or not attending the various Province Championships. If you have any questions regarding the Province Championship Series please go here for more information. Please note that this list is based on available responses and a player's status might change at any time. Those currently showing as 'Attending' may fall below the cutline at some point (and be added to a waitlist) as more people respond.

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Registration Status for Ontario

The following is a list of top players for this province and their status on attending the Province Championship.

Pos Prov Rank Player Rank Home Prov Status
1 1 Zeus Manolis 298th ON Attending
2 2 Adam Becker 27th ON Attending
3 3 Jeff Teolis 85th ON Attending
4 Jack Tadman 75th MB Not Attending [picked: NY]
4 5 Ken Lapointe 398th ON Attending
5 6 Ian Harrower 130th Attending
7 Barry Brdar 346th ON Not Attending
6 8 Shaun Russell 826th ON Attending
7 9 Tyson Asher 770th Attending
8 10 Joe Stanczak 597th ON Attending
9 11 Brian Trenholm 351st ON Attending
10 12 Les Kowal 572nd ON Attending
11 13 David Smith CAN 504th ON Attending
12 14 John Flitton 184th ON Attending
15 Phil Birnbaum 26th ON Not Attending [picked: QC]
13 16 Walt Morose 709th ON Attending
14 17 Julie Dorssers 1031st ON Attending
15 18 Mark Incitti 792nd ON Attending
19 Dan Beeson 1059th ON Unknown
16 20 Eddie DOrazio 564th ON Attending
<----------------------------------- CUT LINE ----------------------------------->
21 Marc Tourand 1316th ON Unknown
22 Jason Mawson 119th ON Not Attending [picked: QC]
23 Craig Morse 502nd ON Not Attending [picked: QC]
17 24 Mike Dymus 695th ON Committed to Attend
18 25 DArcy Mosher 1673rd ON Committed to Attend
26 Sean ONeill 643rd ON Unknown
27 Alex Harrison 1298th ON Unknown
28 Albert Agar 1838th ON Unknown
29 John Zaharatos 1323rd ON Unknown
30 Joe Szilvagyi 1620th ON Unknown
31 Paul Dewar 1424th Unknown
32 Bryan Wood 656th ON Not Attending [picked: QC]
33 Adam Kiesler 337th QC Not Attending [picked: QC]
34 Kevin Chau 1962nd ON Unknown
35 Joe Ciaravino 867th ON Unknown
36 Mike Luciani 1558th ON Unknown
37 Pete Nicholls 1135th Unknown
38 Michael Todd 2124th Unknown
39 Mark Foy 1804th ON Unknown
40 Jason McKay 2225th ON Unknown
41 Glenn Poole 2310th Unknown
42 Dino Zorbas 2405th ON Unknown
43 Matt Faulkner 2321st ON Unknown
44 Che Curnew 2287th Unknown
45 Jeffery Bradburn 2038th Unknown
46 Mike Bartolo 860th ON Unknown
47 Mike Nolte 2118th Unknown
48 Megan Sprague 1667th ON Not Attending [picked: QC]
49 Ray Boyle 1820th Unknown
50 Dan Bitterlich 1534th ON Unknown
51 Scot Clarke 2581st Unknown
52 Scott McDowell 1631st ON Unknown
53 Steven Machado 915th ON Unknown
54 Chris Yuill 2692nd ON Unknown
55 Robi Awakim 1444th QC Not Attending [picked: QC]
56 Kirk Hutton 1759th Unknown
57 Julien Plouffe Gingras 592nd QC Not Attending [picked: QC]
58 Chris Draper 2681st ON Unknown
59 Steve Versteegen 2149th ON Unknown
60 rick york 2934th Unknown
61 Mike Burns 2385th ON Unknown
62 Vicki Mavraganis 3248th Unknown
63 Henry Mastronardi 3801st Unknown
64 Harmony Yuill 3699th ON Unknown
65 Chris Benn 3431st Unknown
66 Gabi Antaya 3426th Unknown
67 Mike Savage 3738th Unknown
68 Randy Whiteford 1302nd ON Unknown
69 Tom Stubinski 3761st ON Unknown
70 Olivier Poulin 3896th ON Unknown
71 Brad Petch 3920th ON Unknown
72 Aaron Attrill 1993rd Unknown
73 Arun Sen 4101st Unknown
74 rob kerschner 3472nd Unknown
75 Ian Gifford 4137th ON Unknown
76 Josh Watts 3713th Unknown
77 Brett Foster 2990th Unknown
78 Brian Coutinho 2361st Unknown
79 Sebastian Krupka 2987th ON Unknown
80 Dave Albano 4000th ON Unknown
81 Karen McKay 3803rd Unknown
82 Zoe Yuill 4300th Unknown
83 Krissy Myers 4198th ON Unknown
84 Kayla Kennedy 4232nd ON Unknown
85 Chris Allan 3809th Unknown
86 Robert Luciani 3334th Unknown
87 Steve Chatzibasile 3701st Unknown
88 Chris Bardon 2199th Unknown
89 Larry Pereira 3052nd ON Unknown
90 Zack Rose 3917th Unknown
91 Mike Capocci 2139th Unknown
92 Maya Morose 3909th ON Unknown
93 Steve Daniels 154th VT Not Attending [picked: VT]
94 Eric Sen 4594th Unknown
95 Ann Nicholls 3502nd Unknown
96 Steve Tremblay 4115th ON Unknown
97 Scott Cassidy 3989th ON Unknown
98 Andy McNab 3845th Unknown
99 Tony Laviolette 3275th ON Unknown
100 Blake Wood 3726th ON Not Attending [picked: QC]
101 Frank Rauche 4612th Unknown
102 Myles Cameron 1895th Unknown
103 Robyn Harrison 3971st ON Unknown
104 Josh Zilberberg 1484th ON Unknown
105 Kevin Magee 4740th Unknown
106 JP Touchette 4778th Unknown
107 Nicole Roberts 5288th Unknown
108 Tim Sanderson 1842nd ON Unknown
109 Stefan Karner 3626th Unknown
110 Michael Fraser 4638th ON Unknown
111 Chris Glasser 4417th Unknown
112 Lyle Goorvich 4554th Unknown
113 Darren Murtha 4224th Unknown
114 Jeff Borg 3795th Unknown
115 Geoff Parr 4509th Unknown
116 jason flansberry 4516th Unknown
117 Laura McArthur 4428th Unknown
118 Kris Asick 3174th ON Unknown
119 Pete Gazda 4122nd Unknown
120 Joe Prokopanko 5101st Unknown
121 Nick Lane 423rd NY Not Attending [picked: NY]
122 Ciaran Bernard 2617th ON Unknown
123 Dave Senior 4534th Unknown
124 Zack Thomson 5192nd Unknown
125 Glen MacDonald 3660th Unknown
126 Andrew Aiken 2288th Unknown
127 David Newman 2213th Unknown
128 Andrew Lounsbury 3131st Unknown
129 Chris Giles 4321st ON Unknown
130 Andrew MacKenzie 3823rd Unknown
131 Jeff Beaudoin 3246th ON Unknown
132 Todd Dryall 5256th Unknown
133 Lonnie Chicago 4354th Unknown
134 Robert Gagnon 3375th QC Unknown
135 Gilles Boissonneault 5350th ON Unknown
136 Charles Blaquière 2847th ON Unknown
137 Henrik Andersen 3741st ON Unknown
138 Ryan Matheson 5289th Unknown
139 Danielle Laverdure 5128th ON Unknown
140 Mike Casselman 4853rd Unknown
141 Steve Martin 2812th PE Unknown
142 Kim Darowski 3402nd ON Unknown
143 Colin Guillas 5419th ON Unknown
144 Adam Hollander 5014th Unknown
145 Saul Goorvich 4540th Unknown
146 Dwight Boulet 2652nd ON Not Attending [picked: QC]
147 Frank Marion 5391st Unknown
148 Jeff Knight CAN 4694th Unknown
149 Lee Warrysh 5545th Unknown
150 George Vlastakis 4434th Unknown
151 Jim Mavraganis 4959th Unknown
152 Mike Loftus 4443rd ON Unknown
153 Andrew Carr 5194th Unknown
154 Greg Rinehart 3127th Unknown
155 Preston Francisco 1131st VT Not Attending [picked: VT]
156 Karsten Berger 6055th Unknown
157 Kyle Pearn 5145th Unknown
158 any plamondon 3400th Unknown
159 Ben Salmon 2368th QC Unknown
160 David Bourque 1542nd Not Attending [picked: QC]
161 Sean OHara 4841st Unknown
162 Laney Roberts 5726th NS Unknown
163 T-Bone Forest 6247th Unknown
164 Carson Teolis 4333rd ON Unknown
165 Nigel Mansell 4587th Unknown
166 Christian Hermann 1628th ON Unknown
167 Mike Jessop 5459th Unknown
168 Ryan Spence 6301st Unknown
169 Darrell Pilon 4956th Unknown
170 Maurice Pelletier 1674th ON Unknown
171 Tim Beland 4826th ON Unknown
172 Jill King 6635th Unknown
173 Anthony Caradonna 4910th Unknown
174 Tim White 5709th Unknown
175 sylvain ferron 6578th Unknown
176 Sebastian Gselleman 6185th Unknown
177 Adam Montgomery 2513th Unknown
178 Adam Josef 4579th Unknown
179 Dave Glen 4399th ON Unknown
180 Andrew Bernard 1322nd Unknown
181 Jordan Bowden 4460th QC Not Attending [picked: QC]
182 Dylan Donnelly-Berger 6784th Unknown
183 Steve Antonarakis 6536th Unknown
184 Joshua Campeau 5756th QC Not Attending [picked: QC]
185 Denise Clarke 6830th Unknown
186 Joe Valentini 2052nd QC Not Attending [picked: QC]
187 Amanda Riga 6137th ON Unknown
188 Rob McCalla 6974th Unknown
189 Andrea Heilbron 6342nd ON Unknown
190 Janet Donnelly 6138th Unknown
191 Stu Geeves 7068th Unknown
192 Jon Grieman 2344th BC Unknown
193 Ron Cameron 6924th Unknown
194 Brad Pajuluoma 7235th ON Unknown
195 brady teolis 6162nd ON Unknown
196 Dino Gaspari 5463rd QC Unknown
197 Lucas Buckingham 7056th Unknown
198 Ryan Longstaff 7458th Unknown
199 Duane Yeager 7483rd Unknown
200 Caitlyn Pascal 6869th ON Unknown
Attending: 16 Committed: 2 Unknown: 163 Not Attending: 19