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This page is for tracking those who are attending or not attending the various U.S. State Championships. If you have any questions regarding the State Championship Series please go here for more information. Please note that this list is based on available responses and a player's status might change at any time. Those currently showing as 'Attending' may fall below the cutline at some point (and be added to a waitlist) as more people respond.

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Registration Status for Wisconsin

The following is a list of top players for this state and their status on attending the State Championship.

Pos State Rank Player Rank Home State Status
1 1 Ryan Spindler 132nd WI Attending
2 2 David Daluga 163rd WI Attending
3 3 Timothy Enders 282nd WI Attending
4 4 Bryon Schmitz 524th WI Attending
5 5 Hilton Jones 328th WI Attending
6 6 Tom Graf 283rd WI Attending
7 Luke Nahorniak 64th MN Not Attending [picked: MN]
7 8 Paul Okruhlica 510th WI Attending
8 9 Eric Strangeway 251st WI Attending
9 10 Nick Stanton 626th WI Attending
10 11 Matt Ennocenti 639th WI Attending
12 Art Dodd 150th IL Not Attending [picked: IL]
11 13 Jimmy Leingang 536th Attending
12 14 Jim Radovich 627th WI Attending
15 Chris Frame 139th MN Not Attending
13 16 Ian Seidler 409th WI Attending
14 17 BJ McCarthy Jr 617th WI Attending
15 18 Sean Spindler 820th WI Attending
16 19 Jonathan Zacherman 1035th WI Attending
<----------------------------------- CUT LINE ----------------------------------->
20 Ben Granger 75th MN Not Attending [picked: MN]
17 21 Ken Kulig 588th WI Committed to Attend
22 Dan Toft 331st MN Not Attending [picked: MN]
23 Terry Weber 297th MN Not Attending [picked: MN]
18 24 Brandon Phillippi 1208th WI Committed to Attend
19 25 Neo Skywalker 657th WI Committed to Attend
20 26 Karl Luhrs 1156th WI Committed to Attend
21 27 Greg Pitner 901st WI Committed to Attend
28 Maya Nigrosh 687th WI Unknown
22 29 Dan Quella 819th WI Committed to Attend
30 Brodde Peterson 911th WI Unknown
31 Gareth Spindler 945th WI Unknown
23 32 Chris Matte 1079th WI Committed to Attend
33 Jason Werdrick 18th IL Not Attending [picked: NV]
24 34 Mark Hagen 1750th WI Committed to Attend
35 Mike Sievert 850th WI Unknown
25 36 Brian Leuthner 997th WI Committed to Attend
37 Adam Turgeson 340th MN Not Attending [picked: MN]
26 38 Rob Anderson WI 1084th WI Committed to Attend
39 chad Buddha kiley 688th WI Unknown
40 Eric Meunier 1212th IL Not Attending
41 John Ross 1967th Unknown
27 42 Mark Seidler 1437th WI Committed to Attend
43 Brandon Lemaster 1888th WI Unknown
44 Michael Ritter 1386th WI Unknown
45 Russ Schilling 1523rd WI Unknown
28 46 Erik Thoren 1518th WI Committed to Attend
47 Greg Gessner 1211th WI Unknown
48 Matthew Sommerfeld 848th Not Attending [picked: MN]
49 Steven Kowal 1450th Unknown
50 Kevin Christensen 1168th WI Unknown
51 Vincent Paul 2116th WI Unknown
52 Garrett Peterson 2108th Unknown
53 Rick Baron 1221st Unknown
54 Brad Smith US 757th IL Not Attending [picked: IN]
55 sheldon olson 2720th Unknown
56 Rob Stickney 824th WI Unknown
57 Marshall hilgemann 946th MO Not Attending [picked: MN]
58 Luke Dillon 2994th VA Unknown
59 Christopher Meunier 1565th WI Unknown
60 Andy Behrensprung 2465th Unknown
61 Yancy Blaylock 861st IL Not Attending [picked: IL]
62 Randy Lambrecht 1939th WI Unknown
63 Tyler Spindler 1536th WI Unknown
64 Zach Tabak 1774th Unknown
65 Christine Olsen 2658th Unknown
66 Erik Grosskopf 1965th MN Unknown
67 Elissa Rosenbaum 3160th Unknown
68 Nate Valentine 2695th Unknown
69 Joe Corrao 3056th WI Unknown
70 Lance Green 2311th WI Unknown
71 Jessica Anderson 2730th WI Unknown
72 William Vandeneng 2811th Unknown
73 Heidi Jones 2313th WI Unknown
74 Deb Hall 3240th Unknown
75 Nick Schademann 1349th NM Not Attending [picked: MN]
76 Fred Richardson 67th MN Not Attending [picked: IN]
77 Scott Hintze 3159th Unknown
78 David Moe 3711th Unknown
79 Kirby Rients 712th FL Not Attending [picked: MN]
80 Scott Danesi 4129th IL Unknown
81 don caldwell 1741st Unknown
82 Jim Schabow 3340th Unknown
83 Keith Bittner 1699th OR Not Attending [picked: MN]
84 David Anderson 3023rd Unknown
85 Stephanie Buchanan 3220th Unknown
86 Chris Krueger 3041st Unknown
87 Rob Woelfl 1600th WI Unknown
88 Ayla Boyle 3739th Unknown
89 Alan Wall 2350th Unknown
90 Chuck Blohm 2534th Unknown
91 Jordan Semrow 259th WA Not Attending [picked: WA]
92 Richard Bischot 4841st Unknown
93 Steve Tully 3225th WI Unknown
94 Michael J Williams 3902nd WI Unknown
95 Devin Conathan 3907th Unknown
96 Cory Ziegler 4937th Unknown
97 Thomas LaTendresse 3488th Unknown
98 Tim Fish 4146th WI Unknown
99 Dennis Kendall 3620th WI Unknown
100 dave odya 1938th WI Unknown
101 Liz Caldwell 3174th Unknown
102 Kurt Giffey 4704th WI Unknown
103 Sean Hall 5231st Unknown
104 Jason LaTendresse 3824th WI Unknown
105 gregg buntin 4377th Unknown
106 Noah Klosinski 3731st WI Unknown
107 Karlee Royek 5070th Unknown
108 Dan Low 3832nd Unknown
109 Billy Ray Olsen 4950th Unknown
110 Ian Tuggle 5561st Unknown
111 Chateen Krueger 4657th Unknown
112 Isaac Csandl 3444th IL Unknown
113 Bob Twichell 988th IL Not Attending [picked: IN]
114 Robert Cronwell 1718th WI Unknown
115 Paul Beimborn 4996th IA Unknown
116 Carrie Walls 5900th Unknown
117 Andy Thompson 2415th WI Unknown
118 Austin LeMaster 4877th WI Unknown
119 Todd Enders 5027th WI Unknown
120 Jason Kunkle 4866th Unknown
121 Tim Bodway 3561st Unknown
122 Andy Van Schyndle 6084th Unknown
123 Nick Warner 6101st Unknown
124 Will Michels 6290th Unknown
125 Lewis Miller 2817th Unknown
126 Zach Starr 6334th WI Unknown
127 Carl Klitzke 4884th Unknown
128 Lou Nemphos 411th NJ Not Attending [picked: NJ]
129 Vince Giannini 1028th IL Unknown
130 Michael Dudley 5647th Unknown
131 Marc Johnson 6150th Unknown
132 Dave Beimborn 3617th WI Unknown
133 Trevor Gunter 5818th Unknown
134 Sam Berget 6847th Unknown
135 Neil Priewe 6606th Unknown
136 Stacy Kelnhofer 4918th Unknown
137 Mark Peters 7158th Unknown
138 Devin Guerra 6613th Unknown
139 Steven Lucas 7216th Unknown
140 jenell lutz 4563rd Unknown
141 Jim Schmock 6336th Unknown
142 Ryan Utecht 4748th Unknown
143 Conrad Weis 4471st IL Unknown
144 Carl VanDommelen 5750th Unknown
145 Rachel Karlic 2682nd IL Not Attending [picked: IL]
146 Craig Pape 7542nd Unknown
147 Lisa Ziegler 7550th Unknown
148 Jeff McDonough 7646th Unknown
149 Dallas Gehrke 7196th Unknown
150 Tom Kulinski 6503rd Unknown
151 Edwin McCarthy 6126th MN Unknown
152 Michael Kutella 4934th Unknown
153 Heather Gessner 5601st WI Unknown
154 Richard Bischof III 5435th Unknown
155 Rob Karlic 4098th IL Unknown
156 Dan Murphy 5708th IL Unknown
157 Patrick Vandeneng 8030th Unknown
158 Rebecca Hinsdale 5489th IL Unknown
159 Allison Kavanaugh 5374th Unknown
160 Samantha Riley 7644th Unknown
161 Melissa Spindler 4758th WI Unknown
162 David Hilton 7746th Unknown
163 Nick Ospina 5947th Unknown
164 Arunas Ingaunis 7976th IL Unknown
165 Patrick Sperry 8324th Unknown
166 Paul Robinson USA 7781st Unknown
167 jen koss 7063rd Unknown
168 Jorgen Stachowiak 6809th Unknown
169 Jay Gross 8455th Unknown
170 Sam Buntin 8541st Unknown
171 Jay Brand 3615th Unknown
172 Anthony Martel 8556th Unknown
173 Scott Johnson 4662nd Unknown
174 Jake Rueth 3537th WI Unknown
175 Brian Renzelman 6482nd Unknown
176 Kimiko Ross 4387th Unknown
177 Jackie Lane 3491st Unknown
178 Craig Okruhlica 1864th CA Unknown
179 Juris Purins 5170th Unknown
180 Noah Abrahamson 7300th Unknown
181 Mark S 8975th Unknown
182 John Brissie 6648th Unknown
183 Cris Priewe 6656th Unknown
184 Quy Nguyen 8902nd Unknown
185 Eric Priepke 3704th WI Unknown
186 Sara Swalina 7498th Unknown
187 Kyle Stahl 9104th Unknown
188 Dave Weaver 4160th VA Unknown
189 Teddy Pruessing 9034th Unknown
190 Katy Bride 8704th Unknown
191 Teddy Pedriana 7801st Unknown
192 Mike Iwanicki 8079th Unknown
193 Ashley Avenarius 9421st Unknown
194 Alex Harmon 95th MI Not Attending [picked: MI]
195 Ben Selenka 6338th Unknown
196 Dawn Dodd 5711th Unknown
197 James Willing 8560th KS Unknown
198 Jacob Schultz 9596th Unknown
199 jessica kent 8135th IL Unknown
200 Ben Heckendorn 5593rd Unknown
Attending: 16 Committed: 12 Unknown: 150 Not Attending: 22