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This page is for tracking those who are attending or not attending the various U.S. State Championships. If you have any questions regarding the State Championship Series please go here for more information. Please note that this list is based on available responses and a player's status might change at any time. Those currently showing as 'Attending' may fall below the cutline at some point (and be added to a waitlist) as more people respond.

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Registration Status for Alabama

The following is a list of top players for this state and their status on attending the State Championship.

Pos State Rank Player Rank Home State Status
1 1 Timothy Street 135th Attending
2 2 Chris Warren AL 203rd AL Attending
3 3 Scott Mount 742nd AL Attending
4 4 Josh Karg 1410th AL Attending
5 5 David Taylor 609th AL Attending
6 6 Alex Huffman 3006th AL Attending
7 7 Jeff Street 1571st AL Attending
8 8 Braden Gentry 3294th AL Attending
9 9 Stephen Gentry 1896th AL Attending
10 Gene X Hwang 179th CA Not Attending [picked: CA]
10 11 Alex Updike 3345th Attending
11 12 Steve Baker 3028th AL Attending
12 13 Anthony Dickson 2372nd AL Attending
13 14 Addison Mount 2796th AL Attending
14 15 Frank Williamson 3691st AL Attending
15 16 Brendan Turner 3683rd AL Attending
16 17 Mike Gray 2105th Attending
<----------------------------------- CUT LINE ----------------------------------->
18 Ellis Mount 2343rd Not Attending
19 Bill Miller 1728th AL Unknown
17 20 Scott May 3520th Committed to Attend
21 Mark Jarzewiak 1483rd GA Not Attending [picked: GA]
18 22 Allen Rash 5404th AL Committed to Attend
23 Ian Buchanan 5976th Unknown
19 24 Bill Scrivener 2511th AL Committed to Attend
25 Duane Connell 5034th AL Unknown
26 Ryan Sykes 6515th Unknown
27 Sunshine Bon 241st NC Not Attending [picked: SC]
28 Scott Kutheis 389th Not Attending [picked: GA]
20 29 Sam Curtis 4781st AL Committed to Attend
30 Leo Miller 7205th AL Unknown
31 Jennifer Miller 3679th AL Unknown
32 Michael Maniscalco 6128th AL Unknown
33 Christopher Adams 8317th Unknown
34 Thomas Kendrick 5562nd Unknown
35 Jonny Waite 6326th Unknown
36 Dave Ensminger 7245th Unknown
37 Emily Street 7385th Unknown
38 Stephen Young 7556th AL Unknown
39 Joel Elliott (AL) 10230th AL Unknown
40 Jessica Young 9282nd AL Unknown
41 Tim McDonald 8033rd Unknown
42 Jeff Sanders 9995th AL Unknown
43 Phil Fritts 7883rd AL Not Attending
44 Rick Pecot 5636th AL Unknown
45 Atlee Dinsmore 8549th Unknown
46 Kris Zentner 11613th AL Unknown
47 Pat Bush 9587th Unknown
48 Brad King 5025th Unknown
49 Victor Clover 7415th Unknown
50 Derrick Wiest 12452nd Unknown
51 Will Krusa 1451st TN Not Attending [picked: TN]
52 Ronnie Whitworth 12588th Unknown
53 Bob Rogers 8297th Unknown
54 Haley Sanders 11495th AL Unknown
55 Dan Fox 14154th AL Unknown
56 Chris Compton 280th Not Attending [picked: GA]
57 Chris Clover 11684th Unknown
58 Alberto Luna 4853rd GA Unknown
59 Bill Hanson 8241st AL Unknown
60 Riley Dinsmore 14895th Unknown
61 Jeff Lina 15302nd Unknown
62 Tracey Bush 14896th Unknown
63 Jaz Jarzewiak 9760th Unknown
64 Brinkley Sharpe 6124th PA Unknown
65 Alex Ward GA 2029th GA Not Attending [picked: GA]
66 Mike Ward 14758th Unknown
67 Krystian Doss 16675th Unknown
68 Ben Clover 12917th Unknown
69 Jeff McKenzie 17036th Unknown
70 William Garrison 6167th GA Not Attending [picked: SC]
71 Cari Rogers 17722nd Unknown
72 Scott Younger 18063rd AL Unknown
73 Ash Quakenbush 18200th Unknown
74 Holly Hooper 16974th AL Unknown
75 Daniel Wesche 18281st Unknown
76 Homer Brown 13012th Unknown
77 Michael Adams 18640th Unknown
78 Lukas Wesche 19346th Unknown
79 Abigail Snider 19368th Unknown
80 Jimmy Larson 19739th Unknown
81 Jess Whitman 14951st Unknown
82 Andrew Leopin 20289th Unknown
83 Tim Sizemore 19633rd Unknown
84 Kyle Chamberlin 20505th Unknown
85 Isaac Butler 20536th Unknown
86 William Maffett 7827th AL Unknown
87 Ben Traylor 21427th Unknown
88 Connor Sanders 21656th AL Unknown
89 Amber Mcleroy 11526th Unknown
90 Alicia Whitman 23450th Unknown
91 David Johnson AL 14499th Unknown
92 Bruce Benford 23773rd Unknown
93 Alene Dickson 11510th Unknown
94 Ray Pinner 25959th Unknown
95 Jonathon Gonzalez 15570th Unknown
96 Travis Lancaster 3835th TX Unknown
97 Katelyn McCombs 25244th Unknown
98 David Snider 27179th Unknown
99 David Weir 27271st Unknown
100 Ian Kinner 27859th Unknown
101 Zac Talley 27889th Unknown
102 Anthony Zambrano 24230th Unknown
103 Tatiana Pinner 28592nd Unknown
104 Roy Hutcheson 28593rd Unknown
105 Van Newell 6459th Unknown
106 Harry Miller 29392nd Unknown
107 Jorg Wesche 29407th Unknown
108 Ben Unknown 29434th Unknown
109 Amy Marie Hutcheson 29435th Unknown
110 Joshua Schaefer 29473rd Unknown
111 Jake Ward 29631st Unknown
112 David Schaffer 12565th Unknown
113 Mark Dyess 30560th Unknown
114 Ethan Urabe 30601st Unknown
115 Tanya Unknown 30602nd Unknown
116 Kip Chappell 30809th Unknown
117 Ryan Unknown 31651st Unknown
118 Leslie Bruton 32624th Unknown
119 Joel Elliot 32623rd Unknown
120 Ben Singleton (AL) 32706th Unknown
121 Bob Bowlander 30044th Unknown
122 Jason Unknown 32767th Unknown
Attending: 16 Committed: 4 Unknown: 92 Not Attending: 10