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This page is for tracking those who are attending or not attending the various U.S. State Championships. If you have any questions regarding the State Championship Series please go here for more information. Please note that this list is based on avalaible responses and a players status might change at any time. Those currently showing as 'Attending' may fall below the cutline at some point (and be added to a waitlist) as more people respond.

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Registration Status for Alabama

The following is a list of top players for this state and their status on attending the State Championship.

Pos State Rank Player Rank Home State Status
1 1 Chris Warren AL 258th AL Attending
2 2 Timothy Street 249th Attending
3 Mark Jarzewiak 1322nd GA Not Attending [picked: GA]
3 4 Bill Miller 1488th AL Attending
4 5 David Taylor 1397th AL Attending
5 6 Josh Karg 1736th AL Attending
6 7 Bill Scrivener 1547th Attending
8 Scott Kutheis 265th Not Attending [picked: GA]
7 9 Mike Gray 2108th Attending
8 10 Scott Mount 2609th AL Attending
9 11 Jeff Street 1181st AL Attending
10 12 Scott May 2915th Attending
11 13 Brad King 3876th Attending
12 14 Anthony Dickson 2123rd AL Attending
13 15 Alex Huffman 5158th AL Attending
14 16 Brendan Turner 4743rd AL Attending
15 17 Duane Connell 4368th AL Attending
16 18 Steve Baker 4430th AL Attending
<----------------------------------- CUT LINE ----------------------------------->
17 19 Addison Mount 5235th AL Committed to Attend
20 Jonny Waite 6389th Unknown
21 Thomas Kendrick 5159th Unknown
22 Jennifer Miller 3578th AL Unknown
23 Alex Ward GA 2086th GA Not Attending [picked: GA]
24 Charlie Gehlhaus 1635th GA Not Attending [picked: GA]
25 Bryan Broyles 862nd GA Not Attending [picked: GA]
26 Brinkley Sharpe 7126th PA Unknown
27 Phil Fritts 8164th AL Unknown
28 Rick Pecot 4794th AL Unknown
29 Andy Patko 9447th Unknown
30 Victor Clover 6126th Unknown
31 Sam Curtis 10437th AL Unknown
32 Tim McDonald 7121st Unknown
33 Ellis Mount 8253rd Unknown
34 David Schaffer 10879th Unknown
35 Dave Ensminger 7404th Unknown
36 Atlee Dinsmore 7032nd Unknown
37 Alene Dickson 9117th Unknown
38 Michael Maniscalco 6689th Unknown
39 Casey Bryson 4367th AL Unknown
40 Emily Street 6578th Unknown
41 Ryan Sykes 11767th Unknown
42 Alex Compton 11656th Unknown
43 Tripp Fancher 12019th Unknown
44 Pat Bush 12159th Unknown
45 William Maffett 5884th AL Unknown
46 Bill Dodd 7347th Unknown
47 Stephen Young 12874th AL Unknown
48 Bill Hanson 8909th AL Unknown
49 Barnabas Gonzalez 8436th Unknown
50 Leo Miller 13811th AL Unknown
51 Homer Brown 10211th Unknown
52 Eric Childress 15308th Unknown
53 Marshall Youngstrom 7272nd Unknown
54 Allen Rash 15601st AL Unknown
55 Mark McGuire 1749th GA Not Attending [picked: GA]
56 Rob Ooze 16233rd Unknown
57 Alex Updike 16614th Unknown
58 Chris Clover 12989th Unknown
59 Jess Whitman 16673rd Unknown
60 Haley Sanders 16806th AL Unknown
61 Alberto Luna 14739th GA Unknown
62 Ben Clover 16881st Unknown
63 Justin Wade 17808th Unknown
64 Matthew Russell 17299th Unknown
65 Wesley Kelley 18419th Unknown
66 Jessica Young 15127th AL Unknown
67 Eric Stenberg 3114th TN Unknown
68 Jonathon Gonzalez 13766th Unknown
69 Richard Rickman 3843rd Unknown
70 Jeff Sanders 19936th AL Unknown
71 Christine Patko 20177th Unknown
72 Maury Levine 20369th Unknown
73 Tina Park 5137th GA Unknown
74 Loretta Fritts 22456th Unknown
75 Megan Pecot 8840th Unknown
76 Patrick Glenn 22739th Unknown
77 Stephen Gentry 6883rd AL Unknown
78 Caitlin Youngstrom 23727th Unknown
79 Holly Hooper 24051st AL Unknown
80 Lelia Kelley 24432nd Unknown
81 John Perrault 24462nd Unknown
82 Mike Ward 21112th Unknown
83 Braden Gentry 7005th AL Unknown
84 Rich Guether 25209th Unknown
85 Peter Traynor 9778th Unknown
86 Dylan Parker 25729th Unknown
87 Tracey Bush 25812th Unknown
88 Jena Dodd 10363rd Unknown
89 Dustin Brothers 15231st Unknown
90 Lucy Adams 27306th Unknown
91 Tim Sizemore 27892nd Unknown
92 Riley Dinsmore 27964th Unknown
93 Van Newell 4531st Unknown
94 Jason Adams 28528th Unknown
95 Michele Red 28510th Unknown
96 Amber Mcleroy 29582nd Unknown
97 Mike Ward Jr. 26191st Unknown
98 Kris Zentner 29480th AL Unknown
99 Justin Harrison 22949th Unknown
100 Jeff Lina 29526th Unknown
101 Logan Kennedy 30262nd Unknown
102 Anna Ruth Gatlin 30174th Unknown
103 Randy Burke 30977th Unknown
104 Ian Buchanan 30978th Unknown
105 Jordan Lambert 30979th Unknown
106 Scarlett Adams 30909th Unknown
Attending: 16 Committed: 1 Unknown: 83 Not Attending: 6