2015 – IFPA State of the Union

With the 2015 pinball season officially behind us, the World Pinball Player Rankings continues to show no signs of slowing down within the competitive pinball community. We wanted to take a quick look back at the growth we’ve seen during 2015.

We’re proud to say that the total number of players the IFPA is now ranking at the end of 2015 is 38,651. This represents a 32% growth from the end of 2014 where we had 29,369 players. In addition, the number of players that played in an IFPA endorsed tournament during 2015 was 16,436, up 23% from the number of players that were active during 2014.

We’ve also seen continued growth in the number of tournaments popping up all over the world. Total number of events for 2015 was 2727, up 11% from last year.

The IFPA wishes to thank everyone in the competitive pinball community for continuing to support everything we do to spread the world about our incredible sport to the masses.

5 responses to “2015 – IFPA State of the Union”

  1. Nicholas Polimenakos says:

    all the growth has to do with Nigh Omnipotus. its because of him

  2. John Crump says:

    Wait? There is a Pinball Season?!?!

  3. Broekn rankings system says:

    That increase in players are just names off people’s credit cards at modern pinball.

  4. Basci says:

    Sounds great, hopefully we will pass 50,000 before the year is out. Also, sad to say not one positive comment. Why the pinball world outside of MODERN PINBALL are such haters all I hear are negative comments about what their doing. The way I see it they are doing great things for pinball. If just 5% of the people that join their super league stay competing that would be awesome. Enjoy the game people stop worrying about what everyone else is doing.

  5. KathyFahlmanGagno says:

    Thanks for all the work you put into the IFPA and continuing to help pinball awareness grow.

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