Country Rankings for Australia

This country has 2,599 players active in the rankings system.

Country Rank Name Location Overall Rank Points Best Tournament (last 3 years)
601st Patrick Standfast 11824th 2.06 QLD Pinball Open - 31st
602nd Matthew Nagle 11828th 2.06 Bayside Pinball Club Monthly T - 7th
603rd Stan Lopar 11877th 2.03 Stern Army - Pinball Paradise - 14th
604th Rick Winters 11885th 2.03 Bayside Pinball Club Monthly T - 12th
605th Darren Hanlon 11890th 2.02 Peacock Inn Pinball Allstars - 5th
606th Evan Lathouras Adelaide 11910th 2.02 Adelaide Pinball Tournament - 6th
607th Dave Burke 11924th 2.01 Stern Army - Pinball Paradise - 11th
608th Ryan Lacaze Townsville, QLD 11974th 1.99 West End Wizards Monthly Comp - 11th
609th Steve Bridge 11992nd 1.98 SAPA Pinball Wizard - 2nd
610th Bethany Copley 12028th 1.97 Stern Army - Empire Monthly Mo - 27th
611th George Alexandrou 12069th 1.95 PJ Pinball Tournament - 14th
612th Bruce McKinlay 12080th 1.95 Flipswitch - 20th
613th Tyler Briggs 12085th 1.95 Townsville Christmas Bash - 20th
614th Norbert Snicer 12103rd 1.94 Pinball HQ Masters - 8th
615th Andrew Downing 12115th 1.94 BM Warm Up - 72nd
616th Daryl Downes 12122nd 1.94 Stern Army - Empire Monthly Mo - 18th
617th Curtis Thornton Melbourne, VIC 12125th 1.93 Melbourne Matchplay Flip Frenz - 25th
618th Alexander Visotin Sydney 12134th 1.93 Coogee Flip Frenzy - 14th
619th Kelly Newling Melbourne, VIC 12140th 1.93 Bayside Pinball Club Monthly T - 37th
620th John Hetrick 12143rd 1.93 Stern Army - Flip Frenzy @ Pin - 28th
621st Mick Thornes 12162nd 1.92 Ipswich Getaway Monthly Pinbal - 5th
622nd D Freeman 12208th 1.9 Australian Pinball Museum - Be - 6th
623rd Anthony Bacon 12235th 1.89 Sneaky Wednesday Pinball Compe - 8th
624th Kieran Quinn 12246th 1.89 Netherworld Flip Frenzy - 12th
625th Leigh Ashlin 12283rd 1.87 Stern Army - Flip Frenzy @ Pin - 23rd
626th Isaac Raik-Allen 12299th 1.86 Argonauts Monthly Quest - 18th
627th Joe Groth 12304th 1.86 Brisbane Pinball Club Monthly - 27th
628th Alexander Jones AUS 12315th 1.86 Sneaky Wednesday Pinball Compe - 8th
629th Mark Calvi 12323rd 1.85 Sydney Pinball Knockout - 4th
630th Jamie Brodrick 12368th 1.84 Wildball League - 19th
631st Kim Piercy 12432nd 1.81 Netherworld Flip Frenzy  - 19th
632nd Adam Hatfield Frankston, VIC 12449th 1.8 Bayside Pinball Club Monthly T - 10th
633rd Ivan Obersnel 12450th 1.8 Bayside Pinball Club Monthly T - 11th
634th Peter Whitmore 12468th 1.8 Bayside Pinball Club Monthly T - 31st
635th Dana Pepcak Sydney 12498th 1.78 TZ Cooly Classic - 18th
636th Sarah Pankhurst 12513th 1.78 Coolangatta-Tweed Pinball Club - 18th
637th Brett Merriman Sydney, NSW 12516th 1.78 Coogee Flip Frenzy - 4th
638th Tony Mangraviti 12529th 1.77 Wildball League - 10th
639th Joshua L Wilson 12532nd 1.77 Sneaky Wednesday Pinball Compe - 10th
640th Alex Borkowski 12552nd 1.76 Southern Hemisphere Pinball Ch - 57th
641st Renee Ritchie 12590th 1.75 Flipswitch - 21st
642nd Dean McDonald 12600th 1.75 Cooly Classic Flip Frenzy (Com - 32nd
643rd James Potter 12601st 1.75 West End Wizards Monthly Comp - 7th
644th Harley Ritchie 12606th 1.75 Yeerongpilly Junkyard Monthly - 3rd
645th Tom Bird 12642nd 1.73 PAX Australia Bayside Pinball - 6th
646th Richard Coria 12653rd 1.73 Ipswich Independence Day (ID4) - 7th
647th Nigel Cowan NSW 12654th 1.73 Southern Hemisphere Pinball Ch - 59th
648th Ambrose Hill 12695th 1.71 Brisbane Pinball Club - 29th
649th Greg Small 12724th 1.7 Argonauts Monthly Quest - 11th
650th Matthew Kariss 12727th 1.7 SAPA Pinball Wizard - 4th
651st Sarah Stamp 12730th 1.7 Netherworld Flip Frenzy  - 21st
652nd Ryan Whitelaw 12734th 1.7 Houseball Meet - 7th
653rd Ryan Orr 12742nd 1.69 Bayside Pinball Club Monthly T - 17th
654th David Patterson 12751st 1.69 Sneaky Wednesday Pinball Compe - 14th
655th Mathieu Nass Brisbane, QLD 12760th 1.69 Brisbane Pinball Club - 19th
656th John Bosnakis 12792nd 1.67 MSL Flip Frenzy @ Flipout - 23rd
657th Marcus Thompson 12802nd 1.67 Pinball at The Basement - 17th
658th Mark Ricca 12808th 1.67 Brisbane Pinball Club Monthly - 21st
659th Nino Zambello Melbourne 12819th 1.67 Melbourne Matchplay Championsh - 22nd
660th Luke Shield 12822nd 1.67 Netherworld Flip Frenzy - 22nd
661st Ursula Adams 12824th 1.67 Benny's Pinball Bar - 13th
662nd Rick Freeman 12843rd 1.66 Amusement Worx SA Masters Flip - 31st
663rd Brad Malvicino 12880th 1.65 Stern Army - Empire Monthly Mo - 5th
664th Kim Nagel 12903rd 1.64 SAPA Pinball Wizard - 4th
665th Damian Hoffman 12951st 1.62 Balls of Steel - 4th
666th Aaron Gibbs 12952nd 1.62 IFPA Pinball Olympics 2018 - 53rd
667th Stuart Lavender 12980th 1.61 North Qld Tropical Winter Pinb - 15th
668th Ash Green 12999th 1.61 SAPA Pinball Wizard - 2nd
669th Belinda Lewis 13019th 1.6 Bayside Pinball Club Monthly T - 28th
670th Brian Murphy AUS 13029th 1.6 BM Classics Frenzy - 44th
671st Joe Taranto 13045th 1.59 Houseball Meet - 11th
672nd Stephen Franchi 13064th 1.59 Amusement Worx SA Masters Best - 38th
673rd Brendan Sloane AUS 13082nd 1.58 Pinball at The Basement - 6th
674th Brad Jensen 13098th 1.57 Coolangatta-Tweed Pinball Club - 17th
675th Dallas Jackson 13103rd 1.57 Argonauts Pinball Open - 33rd
676th Scott Leckenby 13110th 1.57 Stern Army - Empire Monthly Mo - 9th
677th Andy Jacobi 13166th 1.55 Houseball Meet - 10th
678th Troy Stevens 13174th 1.54 Kiwi Pincade Pinball Champions - 28th
679th Kosta Mann 13178th 1.54 Reality Games: A one night sta - 32nd
680th Tim Wesner 13180th 1.54 Yeerongpilly Super League - 28th
681st Josh Donohoe 13181st 1.54 Sneaky Wednesday Pinball Compe - 12th
682nd Adam Quin 13204th 1.53 Amusement Worx Group Knockout - 10th
683rd Dannii Rocket Townsville, QLD 13219th 1.53 West End Wizards Monthly Comp - 26th
684th Jody Jewiss 13232nd 1.52 BM 3-Strikes - 68th
685th Jason Mihatsch 13233rd 1.52 BM 3-Strikes - 68th
686th Steve Ryan Melbourne 13314th 1.5 Pixel Alley Monthly Tournament - 2nd
687th Grant Merry 13329th 1.49 Sneaky Wednesday Pinball Compe - 15th
688th Zander James Brisbane 13341st 1.49 QLD Pinball Open - 49th
689th Marios THEODOULOU 13355th 1.49 ACS Flip Frenzy - 21st
690th Em D 13369th 1.48 Stern Army - Empire Monthly Mo - 17th
691st Matthew Joyce 13374th 1.48 Mary Mac Presents Replay Wedne - 24th
692nd Robert Horsfall 13375th 1.48 Stern Army - Empire Monthly Mo - 11th
693rd Kathleen Copley 13403rd 1.47 Stern Army - Empire Monthly Mo - 12th
694th Eli Coventry 13409th 1.47 Amusement Worx SA Masters Flip - 18th
695th Paul O'Rourke 13413th 1.47 Bayside Pinball Club Monthly T - 48th
696th David Walsh AUS 13453rd 1.46 Death By Pinball - 16th
697th Jack Cathcart 13462nd 1.45 Flipswitch - 12th
698th Leanne Saunders 13465th 1.45 QLD State Pinball Championship - 33rd
699th Anna Cooper 13483rd 1.44 Belgian Triple 9° - 41st
700th Russ Barton 13500th 1.44 Stern Army Best Game - 1st