Country Rankings for Australia

This country has 2,236 players active in the rankings system.

Country Rank Name Location Overall Rank Points Best Tournament (last 3 years)
601st Mark Warnock 13331st 0.92 Peacock Inn Pin-Golf Masters - 15th
602nd Stuart Roseberg 13368th 0.91 Federal Flip Frenzy - 9th
603rd Dan Ferrone Adelaide 13373rd 0.91 Balls of Steel - 14th
604th Bones 13402nd 0.9 Bayside Pinball Club Monthly T - 8th
605th Matthew Vecchio 13443rd 0.89 ACS Flip Frenzy - 51st
606th Mark Blown 13444th 0.89 Gold Balls League - 15th
607th Dave Seidel 13465th 0.89 Ipswich Judge Dredd Monthly Pi - 3rd
608th Kasper Venczel 13499th 0.89 Brisbane Pinball Club League - 21st
609th Warren Haynes 13514th 0.88 ACT Pinball Championship - 45th
610th Brett Tanzer 13539th 0.88 North Qld Tropical Winter Pinb - 16th
611th James Shanahan 13553rd 0.88 Peacock Inn Pin-Golf Masters - 9th
612th Darren Payne Killarney Vale, NSW 13595th 0.87 Sydney Pinball Knockout - 4th
613th Kelsey Attwells 13612th 0.87 Pinball HQ Masters - 21st
614th Paul Graham AUS Melbourne 13613th 0.87 Peacock Inn Pinball Allstars M - 5th
615th Kurt Read 13645th 0.86 BM 3-Strikes - 59th
616th Rachel Gardner AUS 13646th 0.86 BM 3-Strikes - 59th
617th Sean Edwards 13647th 0.86 BM 3-Strikes - 59th
618th Brent Shaub 13648th 0.86 Coogee Flip Frenzy - 7th
619th Jamie Reid 13670th 0.86 Coogee Flip Frenzy - 21st
620th Robert Willis Newcastle, NSW 13700th 0.85 PAX AUS Pinball Tournament - 28th
621st Tom Lefebure 13701st 0.85 ACT Pinball Championship - 45th
622nd Brett Allen AUS Adelaide, SA 13708th 0.85 Amusement Worx Super League - 19th
623rd Margaret Turner 13745th 0.84 Brisbane Pinball Club Monthly - 43rd
624th Ross Grant 13749th 0.84 Melbourne Matchplay Flip Frenz - 39th
625th Derek Perrott 13775th 0.84 Bayside Pinball Club Monthly T - 35th
626th Paul Fawdon 13778th 0.84 Pincadia 2 Strike - 19th
627th Richard Ley 13843rd 0.83 ACT Pinball Championship - 45th
628th Michele Burt Wollongong, NSW 13869th 0.82 Lake Macquarie Flip Frenzy - 20th
629th Justin Forssell 13913th 0.82 Western Wizards Monthly Tourna - 10th
630th Barry Lee 13940th 0.81 Cooly Flip Frenzy - 19th
631st Peta Platz 13952nd 0.81 Yerongpilly Super League - 21st
632nd Max Skeggs Brisbane, QLD 14024th 0.8 Gold Balls League - 18th
633rd Rob Dean 14031st 0.8 Netherworld Flip Frenzy - 20th
634th Tammie Wicke 14035th 0.8 QLD Pinball Open - 56th
635th Glen Harrison 14036th 0.8 Melbourne Silverball League @ - 15th
636th Steve Miller 14070th 0.79 Netherworld Flip Frenzy - 28th
637th Daniel Green Townsville, QLD 14109th 0.79 Townsville Christmas Bash - 11th
638th Paul Gilsenan 14137th 0.79 Z Ball Knockout - 4th
639th Jordan Tentori 14168th 0.78 SBC Pinball - 3rd
640th Sean Jackson AUS Brisbane, QLD 14184th 0.78 Brisbane Pinball Club Monthly - 44th
641st Shaun Ruhland 14186th 0.78 Brisbane Pinball Club - 26th
642nd Lucas Wheeler 14189th 0.78 Brisbane Pinball Club - 25th
643rd Hasam Cansiz 14221st 0.77 Argonauts Monthly Quest - 11th
644th Bryn Griffith 14238th 0.77 Pin-Golf at Netherworld - 27th
645th Chaise Hocking 14246th 0.77 Chaos in Melbourne City - Flip - 14th
646th Sean Doughty 14256th 0.77 Brisbane Pinball Club - 34th
647th Mark Rowe 14266th 0.77 Coolangatta-Tweed Pinball Club - 25th
648th Peter Damiani 14309th 0.76 GameRoom Essentials Tilt Tourn - 2nd
649th Lucas Christian 14316th 0.76 Pinball HQ Masters - 14th
650th Melanie Mahoney 14332nd 0.76 Pin-Golf at Netherworld - 20th
651st Daniel Johnson 14333rd 0.76 Death By Pinball - 28th
652nd Matthew Cosson 14346th 0.76 Pinball Grotto Matchplay Serie - 15th
653rd John Eggleton 14377th 0.75 Melbourne Matchplay Flip Frenz - 33rd
654th Tyler Harmer 14399th 0.75 Ipswich Super League - 18th
655th Andrew Matthews Port Pirie, SA 14404th 0.75 Amusement Worx PinGolf Tournam - 22nd
656th Steve Chapman 14408th 0.75 Brisbane Pinball Club Monthly - 30th
657th Josh Trezise 14436th 0.75 ACS Flip Frenzy - 47th
658th Bindy Paul 14439th 0.75 Netherworld Flip Frenzy - 26th
659th Dom Jaeger 14450th 0.74 Peacock Inn Pinball Allstars - 20th
660th Bruce Whittington 14470th 0.74 Adelaide Group MatchPlay Tourn - 7th
661st Justin Rowson 14563rd 0.73 Summer Holiday Knockout - 19th
662nd Lesley Prior 14579th 0.73 Coogee Flip Frenzy - 21st
663rd Peter Young 14580th 0.73 QLD Pinball Open - 45th
664th Tony Standley 14587th 0.73 North Qld Tropical Winter Carn - 18th
665th Ryan Orr 14608th 0.73 PAX AUS Pinball Tournament - 24th
666th John Kolef 14611th 0.72 Craigieburn Mid-Year Matchplay - 14th
667th Ben Jach 14633rd 0.72 Lake Macquarie Flip Frenzy - 17th
668th Matt Burnes 14641st 0.72 Pin-Golf at Netherworld - 21st
669th Lachlan Kingsford Melbourne, VIC 14679th 0.71 PAX AUS Pinball Tournament - 29th
670th Mark Leske 14717th 0.71 ACS Flip Frenzy - 48th
671st Michael Cannon 14719th 0.71 Gold Coast Pinball Club - 14th
672nd Michael Ribbins 14735th 0.71 Balls of Steel - 18th
673rd Jim Morakis Melbourne, VIC 14739th 0.71 Peacock Inn Pinball Allstars - 28th
674th Jamie Ley 14752nd 0.71 ACT Pinball Championship - 45th
675th Shane Butler 14762nd 0.71 ACS Strikes Tournament - 35th
676th Lisa Butler 14763rd 0.71 ACS Strikes Tournament - 35th
677th Rico Stanley 14764th 0.71 ACS Strikes Tournament - 35th
678th Chris Neylon Melbourne, VIC 14798th 0.7 Bayside Pinball Club Monthly T - 16th
679th Carlin Jackson 14815th 0.7 Pixel Alley Monthly Tournament - 11th
680th Paul Nicholls 14844th 0.69 PAX AUS Pinball Tournament - 12th
681st Bernie Ramone Brisbane 14850th 0.69 BM Flip Frenzy Sunday - 46th
682nd Trevor Jay 14881st 0.69 Brisbane Pinball Club Monthly - 38th
683rd Andy Gallagher 14895th 0.69 Wildball League - 27th
684th Paul Murphy 14912th 0.69 ACT Pinball Championship - 45th
685th Ralphe Nunn 14950th 0.68 Pinball HQ Marathon - 35th
686th Phillip Beutel 14954th 0.68 Netherworld Flip Frenzy - 32nd
687th Michael Hull 14955th 0.68 Wildball League - 21st
688th Steve Cachia 14971st 0.68 Chaos in Melbourne City - Flip - 17th
689th Paul Soutter 14995th 0.68 New Years Eve Pinball Party - 23rd
690th Jacob Klaus 15040th 0.67 Coolangatta-Tweed Pinball Club - 17th
691st Mark Urlich 15056th 0.67 Players Challenge @ The Baseme - 2nd
692nd David Voutilainen 15089th 0.67 ACT Pinball Championship - 45th
693rd Ray Bedson 15090th 0.67 ACT Pinball Championship - 45th
694th Glenn Silsby 15091st 0.67 ACT Pinball Championship - 45th
695th Stephen Popescu 15092nd 0.67 ACT Pinball Championship - 45th
696th Tom Allen 15147th 0.66 Melbourne Silverball League @ - 46th
697th Ned Pannell 15150th 0.66 Pincadia 2 Strike - 19th
698th Mitchell Joy 15169th 0.65 Coogee Flip Frenzy - 14th
699th Ronald Meloury 15177th 0.65 Ipswich Getaway Monthly Pinbal - 7th
700th Tim Lomas 15190th 0.65 Coogee Flip Frenzy - 20th