Country Rankings for Australia

This country has 2,599 players active in the rankings system.

Country Rank Name Location Overall Rank Points Best Tournament (last 3 years)
501st Justin Halstead Canberra 10033rd 3.2 ACT Pinball Championship - 12th
502nd Carl Lynch 10042nd 3.19 Ipswich The Walking Dead Month - 2nd
503rd Michael Moore 10061st 3.17 Kidforce Collectibles Spring P - 109th
504th Darren Warne 10064th 3.17 313 Three Strikes Competition - 3rd
505th Mark Wood 10083rd 3.15 West End Wizards Monthly Comp - 2nd
506th Michael Bowen Melbourne, VIC 10102nd 3.14 Melbourne Silverball League - 3rd
507th Sheena Foster 10103rd 3.14 Flipswitch - 20th
508th McKenna Bates 10149th 3.1 Stern Army - Empire Monthly Mo - 9th
509th Saz Nichols 10187th 3.08 Benny's Pinball Fair Strike To - 3rd
510th Ben Chidiac 10190th 3.08 Bayside Pinball Club Monthly T - 18th
511th Dylan Smith AUS 10195th 3.07 Stern Army - Flip Frenzy @ Pin - 17th
512th Tom Crittenden Mackay, QLD 10196th 3.07 Stern Army - Mackay Empire Mon - 1st
513th Rachael Byrne Gold Coast, QLD 10199th 3.07 5 strike Critical Hit Tourname - 11th
514th Chris Panagopoulos 10206th 3.06 Adelaide Pinball Tournament - 4th
515th Cameron Delaney Billinudgel, NSW 10208th 3.06 Coolangatta-Tweed Pinball Club - 7th
516th Jesse Sezonov Rosstown 10269th 3.02 Rosstown Retro Pinball Arcade - 29th
517th Devin Ingram 10290th 3 Netherworld Flip Frenzy  - 20th
518th Michael Dodt 10291st 3 Brisbane Pinball Club - 28th
519th Riccardo Ace 10336th 2.96 Stern Army - Empire Monthly Mo - 7th
520th Rhonda Young 10356th 2.95 Yeerongpilly Super League - 7th
521st Lee Ware 10383rd 2.93 Gold Coast Pinball Grotto Tour - 5th
522nd Stuart Roseberg 10398th 2.93 Bowland Group Matchplay - 10th
523rd Malcolm Conyers 10403rd 2.92 Netherworld Flip Frenzy - 22nd
524th Anthony Eid 10466th 2.87 Stern Army - Flip Frenzy @ Pin - 28th
525th Lucy Davis 10481st 2.86 Pincadia Strikes - 23rd
526th Fred Gagliardi 10505th 2.83 Melbourne Silverball Tournamen - 29th
527th Nathan Moffatt 10517th 2.83 Cooly Classic 3 Strike - 57th
528th Brett Mann 10539th 2.82 Reality Games: A one night sta - 30th
529th Steve Manners 10569th 2.8 Stern Army - Empire Monthly Mo - 9th
530th Darren England 10578th 2.79 Bayside Pinball Club Monthly T - 12th
531st Chris Carroll 10593rd 2.78 Netherworld Flip Frenzy  - 17th
532nd Chris Rutherford Townsville, QLD 10618th 2.76 Townsville Christmas Bash - 5th
533rd Rodney Tunny 10633rd 2.76 Flipswitch - 18th
534th Craig Ziepes 10635th 2.76 Federal Flip Frenzy - 4th
535th Alf Fusco 10646th 2.75 Stern Army - Empire Monthly Mo - 5th
536th Cole Jones 10674th 2.73 The AMD Noosa Festival Of Pinb - 16th
537th Gabriel Raik-Allen 10695th 2.72 Argonauts Monthly Quest - 9th
538th Demaine Crocker Townsville, QLD 10696th 2.72 West End Wizards Monthly Comp - 23rd
539th Lucy Wilson 10698th 2.72 BM Flip Frenzy - 76th
540th Edward Partridge 10704th 2.71 Brisbane Pinball Club Monthly - 19th
541st David Knight WA 10710th 2.71 Perth Pinball Mini League - 1st
542nd Steve Frensch 10753rd 2.67 Balls of Steel - 11th
543rd David Marshall 10758th 2.67 Melbourne Silverball Tournamen - 36th
544th George Price 10761st 2.67 Houseball Meet - 6th
545th Chelle McIntyre Toowoomba City, QLD 10766th 2.67 TZ Cooly Classic - 41st
546th David Sanders UK 10853rd 2.6 UK Pinball League Finals 2019 - 66th
547th Paul Armstrong Ipswich, QLD 10862nd 2.6 Ipswich Super League - 16th
548th Brett Wheeler 10903rd 2.57 Brisbane Pinball Club - 22nd
549th Brett Thurbon Canberra, ACT 10911th 2.57 Pinball at The Basement - 8th
550th Harry Wilkinson 10920th 2.57 Stern Army - Pinball Paradise - 23rd
551st Livi Lange 10978th 2.53 ACS Strikes Tournament - 31st
552nd Darren Sheppard 10999th 2.52 Sneaky Wednesday Pinball Compe - 6th
553rd Gary Williams 11000th 2.52 Kiwi Pincade Auckland 3 Strike - 62nd
554th John Arena Sydney, NSW 11020th 2.51 Pinball HQ Marathon - 34th
555th Paul Fawdon 11042nd 2.49 Brisbane Pinball Club - 21st
556th John Hillbourne 11047th 2.49 Alligator Creek Pinball Open - 24th
557th Robert Stephens 11079th 2.47 Stern Army - Pinball Paradise - 21st
558th Sam Brauer 11080th 2.47 Coolangatta-Tweed Pinball Club - 19th
559th Peter Colangelo 11083rd 2.47 Melbourne Silverball Tournamen - 40th
560th Dean Parrella 11110th 2.45 Pincadia Big Bash - 20th
561st Greg Jones AUS 11156th 2.43 Netherworld Flip Frenzy - 11th
562nd Ian Doveston 11167th 2.42 Pin-Golf at Netherworld - 24th
563rd Kale Duffie Townsville, QLD 11170th 2.42 Alligator Creek Pinball Open - 19th
564th Mick Campbell 11188th 2.41 Netherworld Flip Frenzy - 32nd
565th Simon Booy 11191st 2.41 Netherworld Flip Frenzy - 6th
566th Chad Sander 11193rd 2.41 Melbourne Silverball League @ - 6th
567th Frank La Paglia 11243rd 2.37 Brisbane Pinball Club - 26th
568th Ben Williams AUS 11317th 2.34 North Qld Tropical Winter Carn - 13th
569th Kyan Crocker 11368th 2.3 West End Wizards Monthly Comp - 11th
570th Ken Renwick 11378th 2.29 Bayside Pinball Club Monthly T - 13th
571st Sandra Crous 11382nd 2.29 SHPC 3 Strike - 47th
572nd Luke Rayner 11393rd 2.29 Death By Pinball - 12th
573rd Damian Waddell 11405th 2.28 Pincadia Mini Matchplay - 27th
574th Gary Eldershaw 11410th 2.28 Brisbane Pinball Club - 23rd
575th Raymond Thorogood 11419th 2.27 Stern Army - Empire Monthly Mo - 11th
576th Russel Fuller 11429th 2.26 Netherworld Flip Frenzy  - 14th
577th Clyde Desplace 11436th 2.26 Netherworld Flip Frenzy - 7th
578th Michele Roberts 11439th 2.26 May the 4th be with You Pinbal - 9th
579th Pat Hutchison 11464th 2.25 Yeerongpilly Super League - 22nd
580th Matt Wolstencroft 11468th 2.24 Brisbane Masters - 46th
581st Paul Dritsas 11474th 2.24 Pinball at The Basement - 5th
582nd Nathan England 11529th 2.2 Bayside Pinball Club Monthly T - 9th
583rd Tyler Harmer 11531st 2.2 PAX Australia Bayside Pinball - 54th
584th Joel Greenfield 11545th 2.2 Stern Army - Empire Monthly Mo - 6th
585th Renae Bates 11554th 2.2 Brisbane Pinball Club Monthly - 18th
586th Gavin Clark 11557th 2.19 Wildball League - 7th
587th Paul Thompson 11606th 2.17 ACS Flip Frenzy - 21st
588th Marcello Brocchi 11613th 2.17 BM 3-Strikes - 49th
589th Vincent Ellaway 11614th 2.17 BM 3-Strikes - 49th
590th Stephen Tredaway 11620th 2.16 Bayside Pinball Club Monthly T - 14th
591st Lauren O\'Brien 11668th 2.13 Brisbane Pinball Club - 40th
592nd Ben Partington 11669th 2.13 A Great WPPRtunity - 16th
593rd Anthony Cirillo Perth, WA 11691st 2.12 Perth Pinball First Saturday C - 1st
594th Richard Anderson 11695th 2.12 System 11 World Championship - 66th
595th Andrew Pascale 11723rd 2.1 Netherworld Flip Frenzy  - 14th
596th James Hunt 11730th 2.1 Empire Monthly Monday 3 Strike - 2nd
597th Kirk Barron 11771st 2.08 Sneaky Wednesday Pinball Compe - 4th
598th Anthony Lawson 11787th 2.08 Pinburgh Match-Play Championsh - 647th
599th Joanna McDonald 11794th 2.07 ACS Flip Frenzy - 28th
600th Ross Grant 11821st 2.06 Melbourne Matchplay Championsh - 11th