Country Rankings for Australia

This country has 2,599 players active in the rankings system.

Country Rank Name Location Overall Rank Points Best Tournament (last 3 years)
301st Eddy Langmaid Townsville City, QLD 5866th 10.87 Stern Army - Empire Monthly Mo - 1st
302nd John Pansini Sydney, NSW 5939th 10.65 System 11 World Championship - 6th
303rd Michael Bunce 5949th 10.61 West End Wizards Monthly Comp - 4th
304th Peter Nash 5977th 10.5 Western Wizards Monthly Tourna - 1st
305th David Lomas 5981st 10.49 Brisbane Masters - 51st
306th Luke Di Nardo 5997th 10.45 Bayside Pinball Club Monthly T - 5th
307th John Hutchinson Brisbane 6014th 10.38 Pinball Expo Flip Out Tourname - 20th
308th Justin Hallowes 6017th 10.37 Pincadia Mini Matchplay - 6th
309th Jordan Coxhill Townsville, QLD 6049th 10.29 Stern Army - Empire Monthly Mo - 2nd
310th Amity Wells 6055th 10.28 BM Flip Frenzy - 61st
311th Darren Lewis Seaford, VIC 6087th 10.17 Reality Games: A one night sta - 26th
312th Kurt Gowell 6107th 10.12 Ipswich Junk Yard Monthly Pinb - 1st
313th Dave Anton 6138th 10 Peacock Inn Pinball Allstars - 1st
314th Adrian Duma 6187th 9.83 Stern Army - Pinball Paradise - 6th
315th Alex Moss Brisbane, QLD 6221st 9.74 BM Classics Matchplay - 53rd
316th Grant Levey 6230th 9.71 Bayside Pinball Club Monthly T - 3rd
317th Collin Metcalfe Sydney 6271st 9.57 Pinburgh Match-Play Championsh - 329th
318th Lyndon Carter Adelaide, SA 6288th 9.52 Adelaide Pinball Tournament - 5th
319th Marty Thompson Gold Coast, QLD 6317th 9.42 BM Classics Matchplay - 55th
320th Nick Platt 6347th 9.3 Bayside Pinball Club Monthly T - 4th
321st Shaun Witherspoon 6358th 9.27 Empire Monthly Monday 3 Strike - 1st
322nd Brett Tanzer 6369th 9.25 BM Fair Strikes - 35th
323rd Devin Smith Brisbane 6380th 9.21 Pinburgh Match-Play Championsh - 396th
324th Kevin Lauro Queanbeyan, NSW 6386th 9.2 ACT Pinball Championship - 6th
325th Tony Cowley 6398th 9.15 Brisbane Masters - 91st
326th James Drury 6402nd 9.14 Pincadia Strikes - 8th
327th Caitlan Christie Brisbane, QLD 6403rd 9.14 Cooly Classic - 61st
328th David Burt Wollongong 6437th 8.97 Wildball League - 4th
329th Peter Giannopoulos 6485th 8.88 ACS Flip Frenzy - 12th
330th David Burnes 6502nd 8.83 Sneaky Wednesday Pinball Compe - 1st
331st Craig Smith 6535th 8.74 Netherworld Flip Frenzy  - 9th
332nd Peter White 6540th 8.73 Sunshine Coast Pinball - Sneak - 2nd
333rd Kerri Collins 6577th 8.61 Cooly 3 Strike - 22nd
334th Robert Layton AUS 6579th 8.6 Stern Army - Flip Frenzy @ Pin - 6th
335th Mathew White Collingwood Park 6593rd 8.55 Yeerongpilly The Walking Dead - 2nd
336th Garreth Anderson 6620th 8.47 Solid State Saturdays @ Ryza's - 7th
337th Nick Keros 6645th 8.41 QLD Pinball Open - 6th
338th Ben Wiedman Brisbane, QLD 6667th 8.35 Brisbane Masters - 39th
339th Aaron Bygrave 6694th 8.27 Melbourne Matchplay Flip Frenz - 13th
340th Melissa Geeves Ipswich, QLD 6710th 8.23 TZ Cooly Classic - 40th
341st Daniel Lynch 6738th 8.15 Stern Army - Empire Monthly Mo - 2nd
342nd Meyer Nassim 6782nd 8.04 Pinball HQ Tournament - 2nd
343rd Peter Grayson 6797th 8 Netherworld Flip Frenzy - 7th
344th Steve Hyde 6813th 7.97 Pinball at The Basement - 6th
345th Leith Stuart Adelaide, SA 6814th 7.96 Amusement Worx SA Masters Grou - 8th
346th Colin Haslberger 6839th 7.9 Stern Army - Empire Monthly Mo - 3rd
347th Januel Godinez Townsville, QLD 6850th 7.86 Empire Monthly Monday 3 Strike - 2nd
348th Chad Bolitho Brisbane, QLD 6851st 7.86 Brisbane Pinball Club - 22nd
349th Joshua Goscombe 6872nd 7.8 BM 3 Strikes - 44th
350th Paul Massey 6875th 7.8 Balls of Steel - 4th
351st Ashleigh Dunn 6878th 7.79 Stern Army - Flip Frenzy @ Pin - 31st
352nd Mark Davis AUS 6893rd 7.77 West End Wizards Monthly Comp - 5th
353rd Matthew Tolhurst 6909th 7.71 Pukekohe Classics Classic - 33rd
354th Tyler Follett 6936th 7.66 Adelaide Pinball Tournament - 2nd
355th Andrew Goh Melbourne, VIC 6939th 7.66 Stern Army - Pinball Paradise - 19th
356th Marcus Wicke 6947th 7.64 BM 3 Strikes - 61st
357th Michael Aslin Bundaberg Central, QLD 6954th 7.63 Empire Fair Strikes Pinball To - 4th
358th Peter Dorree 6968th 7.58 Pinball at The Basement - 2nd
359th Greg McKay 6972nd 7.57 BM 3-Strikes - 15th
360th Russell Lilley 7000th 7.49 Coolangatta-Tweed Pinball Club - 2nd
361st Peter Della Bosca 7035th 7.38 Bayside Pinball Club Monthly T - 4th
362nd Mick Collins 7038th 7.37 Townsville West End Wizards Mo - 2nd
363rd Richard Boe 7079th 7.3 Adelaide Pinball Tournament - 1st
364th Jason Poyntz Perth 7083rd 7.29 London Pinball League - 8th
365th Danny Daly Adelaide 7109th 7.22 Pukekohe Classics Classic - 12th
366th David Haddon 7128th 7.17 Brisbane Pinball Club - 45th
367th Peter Wright Adelaide 7167th 7.11 ACS Flip Frenzy - 41st
368th Stuart Brunne Brisbane, QLD 7243rd 6.95 Brisbane Pinball Club - 11th
369th Ben Reeves Brisbane, QLD 7253rd 6.94 Netherworld Flip Frenzy  - 12th
370th Anthony Peeters Canberra, ACT 7269th 6.9 ACT Pinball Championship - 5th
371st Daniel Bragg Brisbane, QLD 7273rd 6.89 Brisbane Pinball Club - 64th
372nd Scott Barber 7277th 6.88 BM 3 Strikes - 61st
373rd Vas Mintzikos 7295th 6.85 Solid State Saturdays @ Ryza's - 4th
374th Steve Bartley Adelaide, SA 7298th 6.84 Amusement Worx SA Masters Flip - 14th
375th Mark Cook Sydney, NSW 7363rd 6.71 Sydney Pinball Knockout - 1st
376th Peter THEODOULOU 7377th 6.68 ACS Flip Frenzy - 7th
377th Kirsty Watt Gold Coast 7408th 6.63 Brisbane Pinball Club Monthly - 12th
378th Josh Jaeger 7420th 6.61 ACS Flip Frenzy - 13th
379th Simon Rhodes AUS 7502nd 6.44 Netherworld Flip Frenzy Hyper - 18th
380th Sam Luth Melbourne, VIC 7524th 6.4 Bayside Pinball Club Monthly T - 16th
381st Robbie Brennan 7556th 6.33 Ipswich The Walking Dead Month - 2nd
382nd Nathan Tredaway 7573rd 6.31 Melbourne Silverball League @ - 2nd
383rd Sarah Bishop 7578th 6.3 Netherworld Flip Frenzy - 4th
384th Chris Craft Adelaide, SA 7586th 6.27 Amusement Worx SA Masters Grou - 14th
385th David Betteridge 7602nd 6.24 Coolangatta-Tweed Pinball Club - 4th
386th Simon Carter 7611th 6.22 Australia Day Best Game Tourna - 1st
387th Graham McGuiness 7617th 6.21 BM 3-Strikes - 33rd
388th Wayne Mackay 7631st 6.18 Amusement Worx SA Masters Flip - 7th
389th Matt Usher Gold Coast 7644th 6.17 TZ Cooly Classic - 22nd
390th Geoff Ellis Canberra, ACT 7661st 6.15 ACS Mini Tournament - 3rd
391st Duncan Macdonald 7706th 6.06 Pinball HQ Masters - 2nd
392nd Tony Millard 7723rd 6.02 Alligator Creek Pinball Open - 7th
393rd Andrew Potter 7798th 5.88 Townsville West End Wizards Mo - 2nd
394th Ryan Cretan 7812th 5.85 Cooly Classic 3 Strike - 9th
395th Stella Paisley 7825th 5.82 BM Flip Frenzy - 44th
396th Andrew Carey 7861st 5.75 A Great WPPRtunity - 13th
397th Nick Anagnostou 7880th 5.72 Chaos in Melbourne City - Flip - 2nd
398th Stuart Thompson 7904th 5.69 Bayside Pinball Club Monthly T - 10th
399th Andrew Mclean Sydney, NSW 7916th 5.67 ACS Group Knockout - 35th
400th Leisha Martini 7929th 5.64 BM 3-Strikes - 88th