Country Rankings for Australia

This country has 2,599 players active in the rankings system.

Country Rank Name Location Overall Rank Points Best Tournament (last 3 years)
201st Peter Alberico Melbourne, VIC 3796th 23.97 Argonauts Monthly Quest - 4th
202nd Vicki Wills Melbourne 3829th 23.64 Melbourne Matchplay Flip Frenz - 9th
203rd Gary Regan 3878th 23.03 Amusement Worx SA Masters Flip - 9th
204th Axel Bendix Melbourne, VIC 3880th 23.01 Reality Games: A one night sta - 12th
205th John Morgan AUS 3898th 22.77 BM Flip Frenzy Saturday - 12th
206th Alec Gleason Townsville, QLD 3899th 22.75 Silver Ballroom League - 3rd
207th Paul Bateman 3903rd 22.72 North Qld Tropical Winter Carn - 4th
208th Bill Segall Brisbane, QLD 3912th 22.67 BM 3 Strikes - 32nd
209th John Kleeman 3914th 22.64 ACS Flip Frenzy - 8th
210th Anthony Agius 3927th 22.55 Cooly Classic 3 Strike - 23rd
211th James Williamson North Melbourne 3928th 22.54 Rage Tilting for the Queen - 3rd
212th Steve Bruce Gold Coast, QLD 3944th 22.39 Benny's Pinball Bar - 2nd
213th David Sanders AUS Sunshine Coast, QLD 3953rd 22.26 Sunshine Coast Pinball - Sneak - 1st
214th Derek Broadfoot 3970th 22.15 Pincadia Mini Matchplay - 1st
215th Malcolm Byrne 4024th 21.69 North Qld Tropical Winter Carn - 3rd
216th Chrysanthe Psychogios 4078th 21.29 SHPC Flip Frenzy - 20th
217th Andrew Bartlett 4104th 21.02 Brisbane Pinball Club - 7th
218th Mark Mittereger Townsville, QLD 4125th 20.87 West End Wizards Monthly Comp - 1st
219th Chris Watt Gold Coast, QLD 4126th 20.87 Stern Army Jurassic Park Coola - 1st
220th Glen Geeves Ipswich, QLD 4150th 20.63 Ipswich Junk Yard Monthly Pinb - 1st
221st Brodie Dixon 4157th 20.52 Matchplay @ Reality Games - 4th
222nd Grant Budge Bayside 4158th 20.51 Bayside Pinball Club Monthly T - 2nd
223rd Benjamin Nichols 4171st 20.46 BM Flip Frenzy - 29th
224th Chris Eccles 4209th 20.07 Coolangatta-Tweed Pinball Club - 1st
225th Paul Gilsenan 4216th 20.01 SHPC 3 Strike - 8th
226th Alex Cameron Townsville, QLD 4221st 19.97 West End Wizards Flip Frenzy - 3rd
227th Rodney Papish 4227th 19.91 Brisbane Masters - 71st
228th Sam Parker Geelong, VIC 4262nd 19.59 Pinball Paradise Flip Frenzy - 1st
229th Tim Wolyncevic 4264th 19.58 Ipswich Super League - 3rd
230th Julien Greening Adelaide, SA 4280th 19.46 May the 4th be with You Pinbal - 1st
231st James Hall AUS 4283rd 19.44 Yeerongpilly Super League - 6th
232nd Rhi Coolican Brisbane, QLD 4285th 19.41 Critical Hit 3 Strikes at Neth - 3rd
233rd Ray Gillett 4361st 18.87 Bowland Mini League - 1st
234th Jordan Leibinger 4382nd 18.71 Yeerongpilly Super League - 3rd
235th Chris Dooley Townsville City, QLD 4386th 18.69 West End Wizards Monthly Comp - 4th
236th Amin Moralic 4398th 18.58 Stern Army - Pinball Paradise - 4th
237th David Armstrong 4405th 18.54 Pukekohe Classics Classic - 12th
238th Steven De Rijk 4406th 18.54 Amusement Worx Flip Frenzy Tou - 3rd
239th Gord Brown 4459th 18.17 Stern Army - Flip Frenzy @ Pin - 4th
240th Matt Bendix Melbourne, VIC 4473rd 18.09 Bayside Pinball Club Monthly T - 7th
241st Leigh Hutton 4495th 17.94 SHPC Classics - 10th
242nd James Todd AUS Canberra, ACT 4499th 17.9 Pinball at The Basement - 3rd
243rd Adam Dutton 4518th 17.77 BM 3-Strikes - 15th
244th Dane Stotschek 4602nd 17.11 Sneaky Wednesday Pinball Compe - 1st
245th Terry Granshaw 4606th 17.09 Alligator Creek Pinball Social - 1st
246th Rob Britos 4657th 16.78 Amusement Worx SA Masters Grou - 5th
247th Mick Molloy 4668th 16.73 Brisbane Pinball Club - 16th
248th Michael Jarvis 4703rd 16.54 Ipswich Fish Tales Monthly Pin - 1st
249th Daniel Barden 4772nd 16.13 MSL Flip Frenzy @ Flipout - 4th
250th Raphael Melkonian Melbourne, VIC 4778th 16.11 Melbourne Silverball League - 2nd
251st Anthony Benger 4783rd 16.08 Cooly Classic - 26th
252nd Rawdon Osborne 4796th 15.97 Wildball League - 6th
253rd Josh Lowe 4827th 15.78 Kentucky State Rep Traveling T - 6th
254th Adam Wilson Brisbane, QLD 4831st 15.77 Brisbane Pinball Club - 11th
255th Regan Rist 4838th 15.72 Pinball HQ Tournament - 2nd
256th Luke Wirth Townsville, QLD 4839th 15.7 West End Wizards Monthly Comp - 2nd
257th Lucas Bardin 4866th 15.56 PAX Australia Bayside Pinball - 3rd
258th Mitch Wilkins Brisbane, QLD 4929th 15.19 BM 3-Strikes - 49th
259th Dave Lowe 4936th 15.16 Pincadia Big Bash - 12th
260th Raymond Scott AUS 4938th 15.15 Kiwi Pincade Christchurch 3 St - 12th
261st Aaron Draper 4955th 15.08 Pinball at The Basement - 3rd
262nd Brett Turner 4977th 14.96 Stern Army - Pinball Paradise - 2nd
263rd Sam Uithol 4991st 14.86 QLD Pinball Open - 28th
264th Rob Stog Melbourne, VIC 5011th 14.74 Bayside Pinball Club Monthly T - 11th
265th Dan Caldwell 5034th 14.65 Stern Army - Flip Frenzy @ Pin - 10th
266th Dave Hampson 5041st 14.61 Marchplay Madness @ Reality Ga - 3rd
267th Shane Ramsbotham Townsville, QLD 5088th 14.36 North Qld Tropical Winter Carn - 7th
268th Lachlan Dowd Melbourne 5133rd 14.13 Stern Army - Flip Frenzy @ Pin - 11th
269th Wayne White 5139th 14.1 Amusement Worx SA Masters Best - 4th
270th Craig Gerner 5190th 13.81 Bayside Pinball Club Monthly T - 8th
271st Scott Kellett Ascot Vale, VIC 5196th 13.78 Melbourne Silverball League @ - 4th
272nd Chris Harrison Sunshine Coast, QLD 5255th 13.43 The AMD Noosa Festival Of Pinb - 4th
273rd Steve Neilsen 5263rd 13.4 BM 3-Strikes - 6th
274th Abby McClarty 5276th 13.36 Townsville West End Wizards Mo - 1st
275th Barrie Valentino 5294th 13.29 Coolangatta-Tweed Pinball Club - 3rd
276th Tony Hauser 5314th 13.19 North Qld Tropical Winter Carn - 3rd
277th Michelle Riding 5348th 13 BM Classics Matchplay - 60th
278th Duane Barrow 5360th 12.92 Kiwi Pincade Pinball Champions - 12th
279th Brett Black Mount Eliza, VIC 5368th 12.88 Bayside Pinball Club Monthly T - 2nd
280th Jimmy Grant Sydney, NSW 5454th 12.51 BM 3 Strikes - 61st
281st Mark Schneider AUS 5477th 12.39 BM Classics Matchplay - 14th
282nd Craig Heath 5494th 12.3 Sneaky Wednesday Pinball Compe - 1st
283rd Brad Orr 5495th 12.29 Melbourne Matchplay Flip Frenz - 8th
284th Daniel Johnson 5498th 12.29 BM Flip Frenzy - 50th
285th Robert Stein 5525th 12.18 ACT Pinball Championship Flip - 1st
286th Rohan Anderson 5562nd 12.01 Cooly Classic 3 Strike - 44th
287th Paul Chamberlin Canberra, ACT 5600th 11.88 ACT Pinball Championship - 6th
288th Larissa Goscombe 5608th 11.85 Brisbane Masters - 45th
289th Paul Raynham 5616th 11.81 Gold Coast Pinball Club - 2nd
290th Erik Miton 5619th 11.8 Vice City Players Home Meet - 1st
291st Austin Hanns Townsville City, QLD 5691st 11.53 Stern Army - Empire Monthly Mo - 3rd
292nd Irene Watt 5696th 11.51 BM Classics Matchplay - 27th
293rd Damian Hartin 5703rd 11.48 Argonauts Monthly Quest - 7th
294th Alex Nunn Frankston, VIC 5721st 11.42 Bayside Pinball Club Monthly T - 2nd
295th Ron Loewy 5739th 11.34 Coogee Flip Frenzy - 4th
296th Phil Franze 5741st 11.33 ACS Strikes Tournament - 10th
297th Stephen Chryssafis 5779th 11.18 ACS Flip Frenzy - 10th
298th Alan Deaner Townsville, QLD 5819th 11.04 West End Wizards Monthly Comp - 3rd
299th Ethan Wilson Melbourne, VIC 5825th 11.01 Rosstown Retro Pinball Arcade - 8th
300th Bruce Pickle 5841st 10.94 Brisbane Pinball Club - 17th