2014 European Championship Series – Standings through Event #9

ifpa-european-championship-series1The inaugural IFPA European Championship Series is now through Event #9 out of 17, after hosting events on back-to-back-to-back-to-back weekends. Since our last update, Spain, Germany, Poland and France have all hosted their ECS events.

An incredible 633 players have taken part in at least one ECS tournament, with Michael Trepp continuing to sit at the top of the standings, with 13 countries currently represented above the top 32 cut line. The current ECS standings are available HERE.

The next ECS event takes players to the United Kingdom, where the 2014 UK Pinball Open will be taking place August 29th-31st. Details of that event are available HERE. The entire ECS schedule can be found HERE.

IFPA Illinois State Pinball Championship – Video of Championship Match

1604774_1420838408155560_2089681780_nWith the help of Garrett Hays and his slick video editing skills, we’re excited to release the video of the inaugural Illinois State Pinball Championship match between Joshua Henderson and Dave Hegge. On the line was $100 cash, the State Champion trophy, and free entry into the inaugural IFPA US National Pinball Championship. Special thanks also to Adam Lefkoff and Mark Steinman for providing the commentary. Click HERE to watch the video.

Inside the Wild Comeback of Tournament Pinball

ut_pinball_f3Wired Magazine stopped by the inaugural IFPA Illinois State Pinball Championships this past February. Click HERE to read the article.

Milwaukee’s Pinball Wizards

pinball.wideaExpress Milwaukee did a piece covering the Uptowner which hosts tournament monthly IFPA endorsed tournaments in the Milwaukee area. Click HERE to read the article.

The Pinball Champion

JoeSaidCapital News Service did a piece on Joe Said (ranked 101st in the world). Click HERE to read the article.

IFPA Project Pinball Fundraiser Campaign – July 2014

untitledFollowing the success of the fundraiser campaigns for both Barry Oursler and Python Anghelo, the IFPA is proud to announce that we are teaming up with Project Pinball to help raise funds for their charity. July 2014 will be "Project Pinball" month at the IFPA.

Similar to the other fundraiser campaigns, the IFPA plans on treating each of these Project Pinball tournaments as a unique event, worth full value WPPR points, even if a particular location is already hosting another annual event in 2014. Get in touch with the IFPA at ifpapinball@gmail.com if you're interested in setting up an event and we'll work with you on getting it added to the IFPA calendar. We hope to set up events nationwide and use competitive pinball as a way to help raise funds for this great charity. The tournament must be scheduled to be played in the month of July to qualify.

Below is an announcement from Daniel Spolar of Project Pinball:

Project Pinball Charity is looking at putting on a month long fundraiser for its “placing pinball machine across the globe campaign”. This fundraiser will starting July 1st and running until July with the help from our friends at the International Flipper Pinball Association.

Before I get too far ahead, I would like to give a quick and brief description of what Project Pinball Charity Group is and what we do. Simple- Project Pinball puts pinball machines in the Children’s Hospitals at no cost to the hospitals. Plus we do all the maintenance and upkeep on a monthly basis to keep these machines up and running.

Read more …

IFPA11 Charity Challenge Champion – Raymond Davidson

Logo-Index1The IFPA11 World Pinball Championship held the annual Charity Challenge tournament with funds raised going to the Pinball Outreach Project. Congratulations to Raymond Davidson on his victory, and a bigger congratulations to all the contributions from the players. In total, $841.11 was raised for the Pinball Outreach Project.

IFPA11 World Pinball Championship – FINALS results

Jorian Engelbrektsson is the 2014 IFPA World Champion!

Jorian Engelbrektsson d. Keith Elwin (5-4)
Jorian won on Spider-Man, Out of Sight, Congo, Avatar, Medieval Madness
Keith won on Frontier, Pin-Bot, Wizard, Paragon

Cryss Stephens d. Daniele Acciari (2-1)
Cryss won on Medieval Madness, Space Time
Daniele won on The Addams Family

Zach Sharpe – 17 points
Andrei Massenkoff – 13 points
Adam Lefkoff – 9 points (won tiebreaker)
Lyman Sheats – 9 points

IFPA11 World Pinball Championship – SEMIFINALS results

LIVE streaming available HERE

Keith Elwin d. Daniele Acciari (4-1)
Keith won on Funhouse, Sorcerer, Congo, Old Chicago
Daniele won on Medieval Madness

Jorian Engelbrektsson d. Cryss Stephens (5-3)
Jorian won on Sorcerer, AC/DC, Out of Sight, Whitewater, Paragon
Cryss won on Spider-Man, The Addams Family, Space Time

IFPA11 World Pinball Championship – QUARTERFINALS results

Jorian Engelbrektsson d. Andrei Massenkoff (5-3)
Jorian won on Spider-Man, Out of Sight, Jungle Queen, Avatar, Whitewater
Andrei won on The Addams Family, Dr. Dude, AC/DC

Cryss Stephens d. Zach Sharpe (4-0)
Cryss won on 300, Avatar, The Addams Family, Space Time

Daniele Acciari d. Adam Lefkoff (4-1)
Daniele won on Space Time, Medieval Madness, The Addams Family, Old Chicago
Adam won on Funhouse

Keith Elwin d. Lyman Sheats (4-2)
Keith won on Sorcerer, Congo, High Hand, Wizard
Lyman won on Frontier, Lord of the Rings