IFPA Pin-Masters – Final Round coverage!

pinmastersWe will keep track of live in-round standings as much as possible, but on this post and on the live stream.

Qualifying results for the 2015 IFPA Pin-Masters can be found HERE.

Live streaming is also happening HERE.

1 – Robert Gagno*** (41-40-37) = 118
2 – Paul Madison (43-41-36) = 120
3 – Zach Sharpe*** (35-43-43) = 121
4 – Andrei Massenkoff (47-32-47) = 126
5 – Johnny Modica (43-33-50) = 126
6 – Josh Sharpe*** (41-39-48) = 128
7 – Chris Basler*** (39-43-48) = 130
7 – Noah Davis*** (45-46-39) = 130
9 – Karl DeAngelo (42-43-46) = 131
10 – Salem Ayoob (44-40-48) = 132
11 – Jim Belsito (42-51-43) = 136
12 – Derek Fugate (45-48-46) = 139
13 – Fred Richardson (48-43-49) = 140
14 – Tom Neighbors (53-36-53) = 142
15 – Phil Birnbaum (45-48-57) = 150
16 – Jeff Gagnon (44-42-90) = 176

Travis Batty +59 (F)
Craig Sengstock +40 (F)
Jeff Rank +55 (F)
Robin Lassonde +64 (F)

IFPA Pin-Masters – Final Qualifying Results!

pinmastersStandings have been updated after the second round of play.

Results for the 2015 IFPA Pin-Masters can be found HERE.

Live streaming is also happening HERE.

Top 16 make it to the final round Sunday, along with the next 4 best players ranked 250th or below to play for in the Novice Final. Finals starts at 9:45am.

Here are your 2015 IFPA Pin-Masters finalists:

Travis Batty (53-51) = 104 *NOVICE FINALIST*
Craig Sengstock (52-54) = 106 *NOVICE FINALIST*
Jeff Rank (48-58) = 106 *NOVICE FINALIST*
Robin Lassonde (54-52) = 106 *NOVICE FINALIST*

Johnny Modica (43-33) = 76
Zach Sharpe*** (35-43) = 78
Andrei Massenkoff (47-32) = 79
Josh Sharpe*** (41-39) = 80
Robert Gagno*** (41-40) = 81
Chris Basler*** (39-43) = 82
Paul Madison (43-41) = 84
Salem Ayoob (44-40) = 84
Karl DeAngelo (42-43) = 85
Jeff Gagnon (44-42) = 86
Tom Neighbors (53-36) = 89
Fred Richardson (48-43) = 91
Noah Davis*** (45-46) = 91
Derek Fugate (45-48) = 93
Jim Belsito (42-51) = 93
Phil Birnbaum (45-48) = 93

2014-15 IFPA US National Pinball Championship – LIVE ACTION!

ifpa-state-championship-series-v2-300x274Today is the culmination of year 2 of the IFPA's State Championship Series. Between the 37 US States and Canadian Provinces that participated in the SCS/PCS, 31 have made the trip to Las Vegas to earn the title of US National Pinball Champion.

Stay tuned to all the action LIVE thanks to the Inland Empire team who will be broadcasting on Twitch.

Click HERE for the live stream.

Keith Elwin wins 8th Major Championship!

1While Tiger Woods and his 14 Major Championships continues to hunt down Jack Nicklaus' record 18 Major Championships in the world of golf, Keith Elwin continues to raise the bar on competitive pinball Major Championship victories that will surely be something that is chased for decades to come.

Keith captured his record 8th Major Championship with a victory at the PAPA 18 World Pinball Championships. Keith also has the record for the most top 4 finishes in Major Championships, expanding that total to 13. Fellow PAPA 18 finalista Bowen Kerins increased his top 4 finishes in Major Championships to 11, while Raymond Davidson and Adam Lefkoff entered the record books with their first top 4 Major Championship finish.

To view the most current list of Major Championship stats, click HERE.

Pinball Outreach Project (POP) Aims to Find Next Generation of Pinball Stars

image00blog post courtesy of Greg Dunlap

Offers a New, Free Children’s Facility in Portland, Oregon

Beginning April 2, 2015, Pinball Outreach Project (POP) will offer free pinball to children 13 and under at the local nonprofit's new brick-and-mortar headquarters. Located at 4605 NE Fremont St., Ste. 104, in Portland, Oregon, the new facility will house up to nine pinball machines including a brand new Tron: Legacy from Stern Pinball. Additionally, the headquarters will include a semi-private party area, and space to offer local children’s programming including pinball summer camps, leagues, and tournaments.

“Portland boasts more location pinball than any other city in the United States, however, finding family friendly, kid-focused locations can be difficult,” POP Founder and Executive Director Nicole Reik said. “Creating a fun, permenant, child-focused space is a clear next step in POP’s overall mission.”

POP provides pinball machines to children’s hospitals around the West Coast, bringing the family arcade experience directly to patients and their loved ones. The new POP Headquarters will make it easier for the public to support these efforts. In addition to free-play for children during specified hours, the public can play pinball games at the new headquarters using tokens acquired through donations to the organization.

A grand opening celebration will be held at POP Headquarters April 18, 2015 from 6-9 pm and the public is invited to stop by, learn about the organization, and experience some pinball magic for themselves.

About Pinball Outreach Project (POP)

POP is a 501(c)(3) charity aiming to improve the lives of children by providing pinball games directly to chidlren’s hospitals, schools, and at POP Headquarters free of charge. To learn more about POP or its fundraisers and tournaments visit our website at pinballoutreach.org or call (415) 857-1POP.

Coast 2 Coast Pinball – Episode 143 – From Montreal To Portland or Adam Kiesler and Noah Davis

c2c_LogoThe Coast 2 Coast Pinball Podcast continues with their 24/7 competitive pinball coverage. Up next, Nate caught up with Adam Kiesler and 2014-15 Oregon State Pinball Champion Noah Davis.

Click below to listen:

Episode 143 "From Montreal To Portland or Adam Kiesler and Noah Davis

The IFPA/ Project Pinball Charity Campaign is back! And giving away a pinball machine.

Campaign2015-copyblog post courtesy of Daniel Spolar

Following the success of last year IFPA/ Project Pinball Charity Campaign fundraiser which raised over $23,000, the IFPA is proud to announce that we are teaming up with Project Pinball to help raise funds for their charity again this year. This IFPA/ Project Pinball Charity Campaign 2015 will not be limited to one month but run the entire year.

The IFPA plans on treating each of these Project Pinball tournaments as a unique event with the point allotment change this year. Each of these tournaments could be worth full value WPPR points decided by the tournament input information as what would be similar to the tournaments you are entering to our site now. Go to the “submit to the IFPA Calendar” link here: http://www.ifpapinball.com/calendar/submit.php, if you're interested in setting up an event and we'll work with you on getting it added to the IFPA calendar. We hope to set up events nationwide and use competitive pinball as a way to help raise funds for this great charity. The tournament must be scheduled 30 days before the tournament is to be held to qualify.

Below is the announcement from Daniel Spolar of the Project Pinball Charity:

Read more …

Play better! Pinball tips from the world’s top competitors

db598acY_400x400Pavlov Pinball posted an article regarding competitive pinball on their site. They talked with many of the top players to help share some tips on how to become a better player. Click HERE to read the article.

PAPA/IFPA Tournament Ruleset

rulesPAPA and IFPA have worked together to create a unified set of rules that we recommend tournament directors use when dealing with malfunctions and other logistics regarding running a tournament (player errors, stuck balls, etc).

While certain formats will need additional rule verbiage to handle specific situations, these rules below should create a nice foundation for which to start with when creating rules for your own tournament.

Updated rules will always be available on both the PAPA and IFPA websites. Click HERE to view those rules. Any questions please don't hesitate to contact us for help in reviewing rules for your event.

Coast 2 Coast Pinball – Episode 138,140 – More on competitive pinball!

c2c_LogoThe Coast 2 Coast Pinball Podcast has been competitive pinball crazy recently. Nate Shivers caught up with the PAPA team leading up to the PAPA 18 World Pinball Championships, as well as Current PAPA and former IFPA World Pinball Champion Cayle George.

Click the links below to listen: