Rankings by Country

United States currently has 10350 players active in the rankings system.

Country Rank Player Location Overall Rank Points Best Tournament
801st Dexter Dong San Leandro, CA 1756th 26.48 Hi-Life Pizza Annual Tournament - 17th
802nd Collin Topolski Bellingham, WA 1757th 26.48 Seattle Pinball League - 27th
803rd Stephen Scohy Parkersburg, WV 1758th 26.47 Monongah Open Play Annual Pinball Tournament - 1st
804th Mike Gray 1760th 26.43 Magic City Pinball League - 1st
805th Mark Birsching 1761st 26.43 Pin-A-Go-Go - 13th
806th Troy Miller Annapolis, CA 1764th 26.31 Crabtowne Throwdowne 2: The Hoedowne Showdowne - 5th
807th Lena Hendricks Harrisburg, PA 1765th 26.29 Jays Place Annual Tournament - 4th
808th Shelly Dachroeden St. Louis, MO 1766th 26.23 Mayan Ewers Open - 3rd
809th Tony Macevicius 1769th 26.18 Texas Pinball Festival - 22nd
810th Brian Smyth Wexford, PA 1770th 26.16 IFPA Python Fundraiser - Pittsburgh - 12th
811th Matt Barewicz 1771st 26.15 Pinburgh - 145th
812th Teresa Beam Plant City, FL 1772nd 26.13 Point Monsters Championship - 5th
813th Rachel McCarthy 1773rd 26.13 Dory Hill Campground Pinball Campout - 4th
814th Matt Fentress 1776th 26.07 Portland Pinbrawl - 14th
815th Rodrigo Cordoba Durham, NC 1777th 26.05 IFPA Oursler Fundraiser - North Carolina - 2nd
816th Justin Ortscheid 1778th 25.98 Buckeye Pinball Association - 4th
817th Joey Stroman Longview, TX 1780th 25.93 DFW Pinball and Arcade Club Tournament - 1st
818th Jodine Hatfield Seattle, WA 1781st 25.92 IFPA POP Fundraiser - Seattle - 2nd
819th Lee Zeigler Pittsburgh, PA 1784th 25.86 Fountain Square Pinball Classic - 5th
820th Keith Alyea Lafayette, IN 1785th 25.80 Main Street Amusements Pin-Golf Open - 5th
821st Matt Wenger Somerville, MA 1789th 25.74 Stern Launch Party Tournament - Boston - 4th
822nd Greg Poverelli 1792nd 25.59 IFPA POP Fundraiser - New York - 3rd
823rd Terry Vandervate Lafayette, IN 1794th 25.58 Main Street Amusements Pinball Open - 2nd
824th Jerry F. Kroboth Allentown, PA 1795th 25.58 Playland Pinball Tournament - 2nd
825th Greg Noack 1798th 25.46 Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show Tournament - 7th
826th Joel Bunting 1799th 25.42 Pinnesota National Pinball Championships - 26th
827th Barry Schwartz 1800th 25.42 Volleyball House Pingolf Championships - 3rd
828th Paul Rose Tucson, AZ 1801st 25.38 Pinball and Pizza - 3rd
829th Scott Stephens 1803rd 25.36 Pinburgh - 163rd
830th Matt Galbraith Kirkland, WA 1804th 25.31 Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show Tournament - 17th
831st Melissa MacFarland MN 1806th 25.26 Stern Launch Party Tournament - Minnesota - 6th
832nd Andy OConnell 1808th 25.26 Pre-IFPA Pinball Tournament - 1up Colfax - 16th
833rd Chad Sulloway 1810th 25.23 Portland Pinbrawl - 40th
834th James Ross 1814th 25.18 Flip Off Hunger - New York - 10th
835th Mike Ogilvie Richmond, VA 1815th 25.15 Fairfax Pinball Open - 12th
836th Dave King 1818th 25.13 World Cup Revisited - 2nd
837th Michael Reimer Collegeville, PA 1827th 24.93 Village Arcade Double Header - 2nd
838th Mike Pfaff Denver, CO 1829th 24.90 Louisville Turkey Fest - 2nd
839th Jon Horner 1830th 24.89 Happy Hour League - 9th
840th Deb Weigel St. Louis, MO 1831st 24.89 Stern Launch Party Tournament - Denver - 2nd
841st Andrew OConnor Raleigh, NC 1833rd 24.86 IFPA Python Fundraiser - Durham - 3rd
842nd Heather Loudon Seattle, WA 1834th 24.84 Goodfoot Lounge Tournament - 5th
843rd Bill Kurtz 1835th 24.84 Florida Arcade & Pinball Exposition - 3rd
844th Rich Wickersham 1836th 24.83 Fairfax Pinball Open - 28th
845th Bella Gershtein Redwood City, CA 1838th 24.73 Pin-A-Go-Go - 35th
846th Matt Osborn Derry, NH 1840th 24.71 Pintoberfest - 6th
847th Jason Durham Springfield, MO 1841st 24.65 Ozark Pinball Syndicate - 1984 Arcade Tournament - 2nd
848th Joe Pietrusza 1845th 24.57 Pittsburgh Pinball League - 6th
849th Dave Lund Madison, WI 1847th 24.55 Mad Rollin Pinballs Tournament - 2nd
850th Joseph Salender 1851st 24.46 Michigan Pinball Expo - 16th