Rankings by Country

There are currently 8825 players from United States in our rankings.

Country Rank Player Location Overall Rank Points Best Tournament
801st Dave Easterla player picture Citrus Heights, CA 1860th 18.72 Pin-A-Go-Go - 1st
802nd Chris Boone US 1863rd 18.64 Seattle Pinball Rally Tournament - 2nd
803rd Paul Wilhelm 1864th 18.63 Flippers Spring Tournament - 2nd
804th Craig Okruhlica San Jose, CA 1865th 18.63 Nutcracker Duel - 4th
805th Anthony Dickson 1867th 18.59 Stern Launch Party Tournament - Birmingham - 4th
806th Danny Rockholt 1869th 18.54 Pin-A-Go-Go - 4th
807th James Tanner 1870th 18.53 Flip Off Hunger - Oklahoma City - 3rd
808th Josh Beam Tampa, FL 1873rd 18.47 Florida Arcade & Pinball Exposition - 12th
809th Lexia Bilstein 1874th 18.47 Pin Pin101 Tournament - 2nd
810th Jordan Bebout 1877th 18.40 Lyons Pinball Spring Classic - 14th
811th Jason Charlton 1881st 18.29 Pinburgh - 16th
812th Gabe Da Silveira 1884th 18.23 London Pinball Championships - 4th
813th Douglas Hall 1885th 18.23 Louisville Turkey Fest - 7th
814th Daniel Carpenter 1886th 18.20 Flip Off Hunger - Columbia - 2nd
815th Craig Farner LaFayette, GA 1894th 18.06 Main Street Amusements Monthly Pinball Tournament - 1st
816th Rusty Nunnelee 1896th 18.04 Xerico Tournament Pinball Series - 2nd
817th Jory Rabinovitz New York City, NY 1904th 17.87 Pinferno - 6th
818th Jon Ireland Indianapolis, IN 1905th 17.86 Indy Pit Stop Pinball Open - 4th
819th Nick Kennedy Plain, OH 1908th 17.82 Pinburgh - 124th
820th Jeff Vandenberg 1913th 17.77 Grand Rapids Pinball League - 1st
821st Jason Durham Springfield, MO 1914th 17.77 Ozark Pinball Syndicate - 1984 Arcade Tournament - 2nd
822nd Kayla Ellington player picture 1920th 17.69 Seattle Pinball League - 27th
823rd Carey Binford 1921st 17.68 Seattle Pinball League - 21st
824th Daniel McDonald player picture Marion, OH 1923rd 17.64 Clanceys Amazing Pinball Race - 11th
825th Dave Cissell 1925th 17.62 Frozen Flip Off Tournament - 1st
826th Brian Leclair 1926th 17.61 Middletown NY Pinball Open - 4th
827th Matt Wolfe 1929th 17.59 Shortys Annual Pinball Tournament - 20th
828th Al Trezza 1931st 17.52 Pittsburgh Summer Pinball Championship - 10th
829th Leon Spinx 1932nd 17.51 Eugene Pinball League - 1st
830th Robert Hauck SC 1933rd 17.48 Pinception - 1st
831st Levi Dittebrandt player picture Town and Country, WA 1936th 17.45 The Replay Cafe Tournament - 1st
832nd Greg Galanter 1941st 17.42 Pre-Pinburgh Tournament - Doublewide Grill - 22nd
833rd Eric Merchant player picture Eugene, OR 1942nd 17.41 Eugene Pinball League - 1st
834th Frank Noge player picture Orlando, FL 1957th 17.21 Southern Pinball Festival - 5th
835th Brian Johnson OH 1959th 17.18 Kidforce Collectibles Pinball League - 9th
836th Brian Mundo Las Vegas, NV 1961st 17.16 ZapCon Arcade and Pinball Convention - 5th
837th Alex Ward player picture Smyrna, GA 1964th 17.13 Southern Fried Pinball Tournament - 8th
838th Daniel Goett 1965th 17.13 Flip Off Hunger - Columbia - 3rd
839th Stephen Donaldson player picture Tallahassee, FL 1969th 17.06 Jacksonville Arcade Expo - 8th
840th Jerry Lindsay Oakland, ME 1970th 17.06 Pin Maine-ia - 10th
841st Benjamin Liggett 1971st 17.04 Texas Pinball Festival - 39th
842nd Rich Wickersham 1973rd 16.98 Fairfax Pinball Open - 28th
843rd Zac Wollons 1975th 16.97 IFPA Oursler Fundraiser - San Francisco - 2nd
844th Ryan Spindler Madison, WI 1976th 16.96 Waun-a-Pinball Tournament - 7th
845th Mike Corbett Milwaukee, WI 1977th 16.96 WI Last Chance Tournament - 4th
846th Michael Warfield 1978th 16.94 The Leftover TurNey - 5th
847th Joe Pietrusza 1982nd 16.83 Pittsburgh Pinball League - 7th
848th Sean Stasica 1983rd 16.82 Pinball Asylum Tournament - 1st
849th Allen Robertson player picture Sour Lake, TX 1984th 16.81 Texas Pinball Festival - 20th
850th Kevin Moore player picture Princeton, TX 1988th 16.75 Nickelrama Labor Day Tournament - 7th