Rankings by Country

United States currently has 9603 players active in the rankings system.

Country Rank Player Location Overall Rank Points Best Tournament
801st John Locke Silver Spring, MD 1786th 22.08 Terrapin Pinball League - 2nd
802nd Kristen Daniels 1789th 22.02 420 Pinball Open - 10th
803rd Sam Hall TX Euless, TX 1790th 22.01 Nickelrama Labor Day Tournament - 16th
804th Joe Pietrusza 1791st 21.98 Pittsburgh Pinball League - 6th
805th Larry West 1793rd 21.96 Pittsburgh Summer Pinball Championship - 10th
806th Doug Hanselman Ripley, OH 1795th 21.91 Louisville Arcade Expo - 60th
807th Katy Jacobson 1796th 21.85 Seattle Pinball League - 21st
808th John Rogers MA MA 1798th 21.75 Pinball at the Lake Match-Play Classic - 6th
809th Mitch Mishke 1800th 21.74 Washington Heights Pinball Open - 6th
810th Dave Allen Phoenix, AZ 1803rd 21.67 What the hell? Pinball in Yarnell? Tournament - 1st
811th Scott Charles 1807th 21.59 Pinsanity - 2nd
812th Melissa MacFarland MN 1813th 21.51 Stern Launch Party Tournament - Minnesota - 7th
813th Levi Dittebrandt Town and Country, WA 1819th 21.36 The Replay Cafe Tournament - 1st
814th Mike Tahar 1821st 21.32 Southeastern PA Pinball League - 1st
815th Dylan Jolliffe 1823rd 21.30 Stern Launch Party Tournament - San Francisco - 3rd
816th David Latimer 1826th 21.23 Stern Launch Party Tournament - Seattle - 2nd
817th Christel Macabeo Palo Alto, CA 1830th 21.16 IFPA Project Pinball Fundraiser - San Francisco - 6th
818th Teresa Beam Plant City, FL 1835th 20.95 Point Monsters Championship - 5th
819th Dahlia Rowan 1838th 20.93 PinFest - 17th
820th Izzy Schwartz 1841st 20.88 IFPA Project Pinball Fundraiser - Sacramento - 3rd
821st Brian Leonard Woodbridge, VA 1845th 20.82 Maryland Pinball Championship - 14th
822nd Lee Zeigler Pittsburgh, PA 1846th 20.79 Fountain Square Pinball Classic - 5th
823rd David Daluga New Berlin, WI 1850th 20.72 Northeast WI Pinball Tournament - 3rd
824th Nathan Murray 1852nd 20.71 Flip Off Hunger - Cleveland - 4th
825th Jerry Lindsay Oakland, ME 1851st 20.71 Pin Maine-ia - 10th
826th Ben Vigeant Chicago, IL 1854th 20.61 DeadFlip Pinball Tournament - 1st
827th Dave Oneil 1856th 20.56 Wicked Pissa Pinball Tournament - 3rd
828th Mike Hosier Folsom, CA 1858th 20.52 Capitol Corridor Pinball League East - 1st
829th Dan Caschetto 1859th 20.46 Jersey Jack Pinball Launch Party Tournament - Chicago - 5th
830th Adam Lundgren 1860th 20.46 Pin-toberfest - 8th
831st Tommy Hosburgh 1861st 20.44 Rock Fantasy Pinball League - 11th
832nd Casey Rice Cambridge, OH 1862nd 20.44 Fountain Square Pinball Classic - 6th
833rd Ken Head 1865th 20.43 Southlake TX IFPA Invitational - 4th
834th Travis Echert 1866th 20.40 Shortys Annual Pinball Tournament - 40th
835th David Thell 1868th 20.35 Pinnesota National Pinball Championships - 10th
836th Nik Nesteroke 1869th 20.33 OCPC League Night - 12th
837th Cedric Trotter 1871st 20.33 Bartons Pizza Pinball Blast - 2nd
838th Jake Smith 1870th 20.33 PinFest - 5th
839th Paul Kiefert Atlanta, GA 1873rd 20.30 Georgia Pinball Classic - 8th
840th Greg Anderson 1875th 20.20 Kidforce Collectibles Pinball League - 2nd
841st Steve Massa 1877th 20.18 San Diego Pinball Club Pingolf Tournament - 3rd
842nd Jack Wunschel 1876th 20.18 Pittsburgh Pinball League - 14th
843rd Shelly Dachroeden St. Louis, MO 1880th 20.11 Mayan Ewers Open - 3rd
844th Carey Binford 1881st 20.10 Seattle Pinball League - 21st
845th Robert Juster 1886th 20.01 IFPA Oursler Fundraiser - Los Angeles - 2nd
846th Mark Seidler 1887th 19.99 MadCity Flippers League - 1st
847th Tim Zollner Edwardsville, IL 1888th 19.99 CP Pinball League - 3rd
848th Mitch Tunick 1889th 19.98 Texas Pinball Festival - 22nd
849th John Simpson New Orleans, LA 1890th 19.93 Flip Off Hunger - New Orleans - 3rd
850th Bryan Emmett Fort Collins, CO 1894th 19.84 Pinball Jones League - 2nd