Rankings by Country

There are currently 8827 players from United States in our rankings.

Country Rank Player Location Overall Rank Points Best Tournament
801st Matt Wolfe 1898th 17.53 Shortys Annual Pinball Tournament - 20th
802nd Al Trezza 1899th 17.52 Pittsburgh Summer Pinball Championship - 10th
803rd Leon Spinx 1900th 17.51 Eugene Pinball League - 1st
804th Robert Hauck SC 1901st 17.48 Pinception - 1st
805th Greg Galanter 1906th 17.42 Pre-Pinburgh Tournament - Doublewide Grill - 22nd
806th Michael Heitzman 1909th 17.39 Portland Pinbrawl - 20th
807th Steve Rubie 1913th 17.37 Silver Ballroom Open - 7th
808th Frank Noge player picture Orlando, FL 1920th 17.21 Southern Pinball Festival - 5th
809th Jeff Kraus 1922nd 17.15 Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown - 2nd
810th Daniel Goett 1926th 17.13 Flip Off Hunger - Columbia - 3rd
811th Alex Ward player picture Smyrna, GA 1925th 17.13 Southern Fried Pinball Tournament - 8th
812th Benjamin Liggett 1932nd 17.02 Texas Pinball Festival - 39th
813th Zac Wollons 1934th 16.97 IFPA Oursler Fundraiser - San Francisco - 2nd
814th Michael Warfield 1935th 16.95 The Leftover TurNey - 5th
815th Keith Alyea Lafayette, IN 1938th 16.84 Lafayette Indiana League - 4th
816th Joe Pietrusza 1939th 16.83 Pittsburgh Pinball League - 7th
817th Sean Stasica 1940th 16.82 Pinball Asylum Tournament - 1st
818th Allen Robertson player picture Sour Lake, TX 1943rd 16.77 Texas Pinball Festival - 20th
819th Kevin Moore player picture Princeton, TX 1945th 16.75 Nickelrama Labor Day Tournament - 7th
820th Austin Arlitt 1946th 16.75 Suburban Shootout Tournament - 2nd
821st Ryan Spindler Madison, WI 1947th 16.75 Waun-a-Pinball Tournament - 7th
822nd Will Rubley 1948th 16.73 The Northwest Oh-Pin - 6th
823rd Dave Wente 1950th 16.69 St Louis Area Pinball League - 7th
824th Jerry Lindsay Oakland, ME 1956th 16.64 Pin Maine-ia - 10th
825th Stephen Thaxton Flowood, MS 1959th 16.59 Texas Pinball Festival - 57th
826th Cory Brown player picture New Orleans, LA 1960th 16.58 IFPA Louisiana State Pinball Championship - 4th
827th Mark Jarzewiak 1961st 16.55 IFPA Georgia State Pinball Championship - 1st
828th Simon Stocker 1963rd 16.53 Shortys Annual Pinball Tournament - 14th
829th Matt Galbraith 1965th 16.43 Portland Pinbrawl - 28th
830th Myles Murray player picture Cleveland, OH 1968th 16.37 IFPA Python Fundraiser - Cleveland - 2nd
831st Greg Anderson player picture 1970th 16.30 Kidforce Collectibles Pinball League - 2nd
832nd James Town 1971st 16.30 Pioneer Inn Monthly Pinball Tournament - 1st
833rd Nate Ortega 1975th 16.26 Stern Launch Party Tournament - Orange County - 4th
834th Edan Grossman 1976th 16.23 Fairfax Pinball Open - 20th
835th Joel Dekker 1984th 16.09 Chicago Pinball Mafia - 1st
836th Steve Tully WI 1985th 16.06 Rossi Pinball Tournament - 1st
837th Levi Dittebrandt player picture Town and Country, WA 1986th 16.03 The Replay Cafe Tournament - 1st
838th Jordan Fox 1987th 16.02 It Never Drains In So. Cal Pinball Tourney - 38th
839th Craig Okruhlica San Jose, CA 1990th 15.96 Nutcracker Duel - 4th
840th Kevin Carroll OR Eugene, OR 1991st 15.95 Eugene Pinball League - 5th
841st Adrienne Black New Orleans, LA 1994th 15.90 Mystic Krewe PinChurch Open - 5th
842nd Mike Hassenpflug Portland, OR 1995th 15.90 Portland Pinbrawl - 14th
843rd Tom Campbell player picture Woburn, MA 1999th 15.85 Pin Maine-ia - 9th
844th Ed McMenimon 2001st 15.83 Lanes & Games PinGolf Tournament - 1st
845th Eric Strangeway Neenah, WI 2005th 15.78 Mad Rollin Pinballs Tournament - 10th
846th John Ward 2009th 15.73 Louisville Arcade Expo - 32nd
847th Basil LeBlanc player picture Loveland, CO 2011th 15.72 IFPA Colorado State Pinball Championship - 5th
848th Anthony Dickson 2013th 15.68 Stern Launch Party Tournament - Birmingham - 4th
849th Adam Cane 2014th 15.68 New York City Flipper Sport Association Pin-Golf - 1st
850th Will Heaney 2015th 15.61 Retroland Pinball League - 3rd