Rankings by Country

United States currently has 9967 players active in the rankings system.

Country Rank Player Location Overall Rank Points Best Tournament
801st Spence Konde Cambridge, MA 1815th 22.91 Lanes & Games PinGolf Tournament - 1st
802nd John Gauntt Austin, TX 1816th 22.90 Bat City Pinball Club Tournament - 2nd
803rd Joel Waldeck 1819th 22.81 IFPA POP Fundraiser - Kansas City - 5th
804th Andrew OConnor Raleigh, NC 1821st 22.76 IFPA Python Fundraiser - Durham - 3rd
805th John Stein Portland, OR 1823rd 22.71 Portland Pinbrawl - 20th
806th Kent Anderson 1824th 22.71 Pinnesota National Pinball Championships - 3rd
807th Melissa MacFarland MN 1825th 22.70 Stern Launch Party Tournament - Minnesota - 7th
808th Jeff Vandenberg 1826th 22.69 Grand Rapids Pinball League - 1st
809th Nicholas Lombardo 1828th 22.68 Pioneers Annual Pinball Tournament - 1st
810th Dave Dimoff Portland, OR 1832nd 22.53 Portland Pinbrawl - 14th
811th Bob Schwarzmann Mountain View, CA 1833rd 22.49 Import Danish Pinball - 10th
812th Tyler Sutton 1835th 22.47 Pittsburgh Pinball League - 1st
813th Brian Stahl 1836th 22.46 Pinburgh - 71st
814th Dan Danger 1840th 22.39 Seattle Pinball League - 21st
815th Blake Mitchell Seattle, WA 1845th 22.36 Flip Off Hunger - Seattle - 7th
816th Andy Maurer St. Louis 1846th 22.33 Silver Ballroom League - 3rd
817th Harry Kottek 1850th 22.26 PinCrossing Summer Classic - 2nd
818th Raymond Giorgi Pittsburgh, PA 1853rd 22.20 Pinburgh - 94th
819th Mish Paull McKeesport, PA 1855th 22.19 Pinburgh - 182nd
820th Chuck Czygryn 1858th 22.14 Chicagoland Pinball League - 5th
821st Danny Rashid Seattle, WA 1859th 22.14 KCB turns 21! - 4th
822nd Jason Higgins 1862nd 22.08 Nickelrama Labor Day Tournament - 8th
823rd Jody Aucoin Lake Charles, LA 1865th 22.06 Oil City Open Pinball Tournament - 1st
824th Matt Behrens Grand Rapids, MI 1866th 22.06 IFPA Michigan State Pinball Championship - 2nd
825th Jake VanKempen Grand Rapids, MI 1869th 21.95 National Baby Food Festival Open Pinball Tournament - 10th
826th Casey Rice Cambridge, OH 1871st 21.92 Fountain Square Pinball Classic - 6th
827th Kristen Daniels 1874th 21.91 420 Pinball Open - 10th
828th Christel Macabeo Palo Alto, CA 1875th 21.80 IFPA Project Pinball Fundraiser - San Francisco - 6th
829th Nathan Murray 1878th 21.76 Flip Off Hunger - Cleveland - 4th
830th Joseph Salender 1880th 21.68 Michigan Pinball Expo - 16th
831st Dave Allen Phoenix, AZ 1881st 21.67 What the hell? Pinball in Yarnell? Tournament - 1st
832nd Mitch Mishke 1884th 21.63 Washington Heights Pinball Open - 6th
833rd Joe Pietrusza 1886th 21.56 Pittsburgh Pinball League - 6th
834th Jason Kapelewski Denver, CO 1887th 21.55 Ultimate Pinball Challenge - 1st
835th Alex Ward Smyrna, GA 1889th 21.52 Southern Fried Pinball Tournament - 8th
836th Matt Barewicz 1891st 21.49 Pinburgh - 145th
837th Darren Dauberger Pittsburgh, PA 1892nd 21.49 Pittsburgh Pinball League - 3rd
838th Mark Konopasek 1893rd 21.43 Pin-Butt-Palooza - 6th
839th Carey Binford 1898th 21.36 Seattle Pinball League - 21st
840th Doug Hanselman Ripley, OH 1899th 21.36 Louisville Arcade Expo - 60th
841st Paul Schaffer Portland, OR 1900th 21.34 Cascadia Cup - 5th
842nd Alan Darby 1904th 21.27 Flippin Friends - PACT Charity Tournament - 3rd
843rd Andy OConnell 1908th 21.17 Pre-IFPA Pinball Tournament - 1up Colfax - 16th
844th Steve Schmidt Genoa, IL 1909th 21.12 Flippin Friends - Cystinosis Research Network Benefit - 3rd
845th Greg Poverelli 1914th 21.05 IFPA Project Pinball Fundraiser - New Jersey - 9th
846th Stephen Thaxton Flowood, MS 1917th 21.00 IFPA Project Pinball Fundraiser - New Orleans - 3rd
847th David Latimer 1927th 20.80 Stern Launch Party Tournament - Seattle - 2nd
848th Scott Charles 1928th 20.79 Pinsanity - 2nd
849th Steven Hannan New Orleans, LA 1931st 20.75 IFPA Project Pinball Fundraiser - New Orleans - 2nd
850th Katy Jacobson 1933rd 20.70 Seattle Pinball League - 21st