Rankings by Country

United States currently has 11632 players active in the rankings system.

Country Rank Player Location Overall Rank Points Best Tournament
801st Brian Woodard Champaign, IL 1648th 32.27 Illini Pinball League - 2nd
802nd Tina Curtis Minneapolis, MN 1652nd 31.88 Waun-a-Pinball Tournament - 9th
803rd Deanna Gerard Minneapolis, MN 1655th 31.85 IFPA Oursler Fundraiser - Minneapolis - 1st
804th Neil Parrish Buffalo, NY 1657th 31.85 Buffalo Pinball League - 3rd
805th Dahlia Rowan 1659th 31.83 Rock Fantasy IFPA Winter Open - 3rd
806th Adrienne Black New Orleans, LA 1661st 31.81 PinChurch Open - 5th
807th Andy Stubbs Eugene, OR 1664th 31.76 The Northwest Oh-Pin - 2nd
808th Allen Robertson Sour Lake, TX 1667th 31.70 Texas Pinball Festival - 20th
809th Preston Burt Gainesville, GA 1669th 31.67 Jacksonville Arcade Expo - 4th
810th David Spasic Cleveland, OH 1670th 31.61 Flip Off Hunger - Cleveland - 1st
811th Tim Nobling Helenville, WI 1672nd 31.60 Northeast Wisconsin Pinball Tournament - 5th
812th Tom Campbell Woburn, MA 1673rd 31.59 Pin Maine-ia - 10th
813th Denny Ragan 1679th 31.33 Silver Ballroom Open - 5th
814th Jim Radovich 1681st 31.24 Midwest Gaming Classic - 10th
815th Conrad Weis Wheaton, IL 1682nd 31.20 Pinball Expo Flip Out Tournament - 83rd
816th Eric Cady Auggie Doggie 1683rd 31.15 Jacksonville Arcade Expo - 1st
817th Cedric Trotter IL 1690th 31.00 Zig-Es Funland Pinball Party - 2nd
818th Brian McCauley Maine, ME 1691st 31.00 New England Spring Thaw Pinball Tournament - 4th
819th Mike Twichell 1693rd 30.97 IFPA Indiana State Pinball Championship - 2nd
820th Richard Hammond Washington, MO 1695th 30.95 Texas Pinball Festival - 23rd
821st Eric Glaab Moreno Valley, CA 1696th 30.88 IFPA Project Pinball Fundraiser - Orange County - 2nd
822nd lauren aquino 1698th 30.80 Addaball Weekly Wednesday Flip Off - 8th
823rd Rod Cordoba Raleigh, NC 1699th 30.80 IFPA Oursler Fundraiser - North Carolina - 2nd
824th Andy Thompson Madison, WI 1701st 30.75 Waun-a-Pinball Tournament - 10th
825th Keith Marlowe 1703rd 30.73 Modern Pinball NYC Super League - 16th
826th John Locke Silver Spring, MD 1708th 30.60 Happy Hour League - 4th
827th Kevin Carroll CO co 1710th 30.53 Genki Taikai - Lyons - 1st
828th Keith Parkins 1711th 30.47 Pacific Pinball Open - 4th
829th Max Stiles 1714th 30.43 Flip Off Hunger - Seattle - 5th
830th Curtis Baker Franklin, TN 1715th 30.40 Middle Tennessee Pinball Association Monthly - 1st
831st Matt Quirk Akron, OH 1716th 30.39 IFPA Oursler Fundraiser - Cleveland - 4th
832nd Dave Dimoff Portland, OR 1717th 30.35 IFPA Flippin With the Greats Fundraiser - Portland - 1st
833rd Tim Zjaba Cleveland, OH 1719th 30.34 Happy Dog Pinball League - 8th
834th Paul Litalien Sr. Rumford, ME 1721st 30.30 IFPA Maine State Pinball Championship - 1st
835th Seth Clayter Portland, ME 1724th 30.25 Pintoberfest - 3rd
836th Jeff Vandenberg 1725th 30.21 Grand Rapids Pinball League - 1st
837th Eric Marz Williston, VT 1726th 30.19 New England Pinball League - 8th
838th Mike Culver 1730th 30.13 The Leftover TurNey - 1st
839th Josh Boerman New York, NY 1731st 30.04 Modern Pinball NYC Super League - 20th
840th Matt Wenger Somerville, MA 1732nd 30.03 Stern Launch Party Tournament - Boston - 4th
841st Mark Larson 1734th 29.99 Mortimers Monthly Pinball Party - 1st
842nd Travis Bender 1736th 29.89 IFPA Project Pinball Fundraiser - Birmingham - 2nd
843rd Clark Wick Bloomington, IN 1737th 29.89 Fountain Square Pinball Classic - 4th
844th Jeff Kertis 1739th 29.86 Pittsburgh Pinball League - 10th
845th Mark Hedjuk 1740th 29.86 Jimbos BBQ Pinball Open - 1st
846th Wayne Saeger Tucson, AZ 1745th 29.67 IFPA POP Fundraiser - Phoenix - 4th
847th Jamie MacFarland MN 1747th 29.63 Stern Launch Party Tournament - Minnesota - 4th
848th Mark Meserve 1753rd 29.48 Texas Pinball Festival - 20th
849th Corey Dunn 1754th 29.44 It Never Drains In Southern California - 9th
850th Ben Tesser 1755th 29.41 Modern Pinball NYC Super League - 13th