Rankings by Country

United States currently has 12091 players active in the rankings system.

Country Rank Player Location Overall Rank Points Best Tournament
801st Kenneth Younker IN 1633rd 34.78 Northwest Indiana Pinball League - 1st
802nd David Spasic Cleveland, OH 1634th 34.75 Flip Off Hunger - Cleveland - 1st
803rd Steve Rubie 1636th 34.69 Silver Ballroom Open - 7th
804th Jon Luetschwager Cumming, GA 1640th 34.53 IFPA POP Fundraiser - Atlanta - 1st
805th Rod Cordoba Raleigh, NC 1641st 34.50 IFPA Oursler Fundraiser - North Carolina - 2nd
806th Lee Klevens Cheswick, PA 1642nd 34.44 Pittsburgh Pedal & Plunge - 2nd
807th Rob Thomas CA 1644th 34.34 Win-A-Pin Tournament - 8th
808th Therese Edwards Logan, OH 1645th 34.34 Flip Off Hunger - Columbus - 4th
809th Greg Gessner West Bend, WI 1646th 34.31 Midwest Gaming Classic - 33rd
810th Matt Quantz 1650th 34.14 Texas Pinball Festival - 28th
811th Karli Pigford 1652nd 34.08 Pre-IFPA Pinball Tournament - 1Up Lodo - 17th
812th Chris Flohr Columbus, OH 1654th 34.08 IFPA POP Fundraiser - Columbus - 2nd
813th Daniel Lloyd New York, NY 1656th 33.97 Modern Pinball NYC Super League - 21st
814th Andy Thompson Madison, WI 1657th 33.93 Waun-a-Pinball Tournament - 10th
815th John Fayman 1659th 33.83 Frozen Flip Off Tournament - 2nd
816th Angela Drobka Pittsburgh, PA 1660th 33.74 Maryland Pinball Championship - 7th
817th Jimmy Leingang 1661st 33.74 WI Last Chance Tournament - 2nd
818th Uchendu Nwachuku New York, NY 1664th 33.66 Modern Pinball NYC Super League - 20th
819th Ty Konopasek 1665th 33.64 Pittsburgh Pedal & Plunge - 1st
820th Eric Marz Williston, VT 1666th 33.63 New England Pinball League - 8th
821st Chewy David Colon Middletown, NY 1667th 33.56 Stern Launch Party Tournament - Philadelphia - 1st
822nd Jeff Kertis 1668th 33.54 Pittsburgh Pinball League - 10th
823rd Dana Dimarco CT 1670th 33.50 PinFest - 9th
824th Eric Cady Auggie Doggie 1671st 33.46 Jacksonville Arcade Expo - 1st
825th Pete Morano 1673rd 33.40 OCPC League Night - 7th
826th Chris DeLeĆ³n Hayward, CA 1675th 33.40 Boathouse Gladness - 3rd
827th Christina Jorge Portland, OR 1682nd 33.18 IFPA POP Fundraiser - Eugene - 3rd
828th Eric Glaab Moreno Valley, CA 1687th 33.01 IFPA Project Pinball Fundraiser - Orange County - 2nd
829th John Ilgenfritz 1692nd 32.85 IFPA Project Pinball Fundraiser - St Augustine - 1st
830th Allen Robertson Sour Lake, TX 1693rd 32.83 Texas Pinball Festival - 20th
831st Jaime Rodriguez 1696th 32.63 Portland Pinbrawl - 20th
832nd Jason Delano 1698th 32.47 Pacific Pinball Open - 18th
833rd Deanna Gerard Minneapolis, MN 1703rd 32.33 IFPA Oursler Fundraiser - Minneapolis - 1st
834th Matt Quirk Akron, OH 1705th 32.29 IFPA Oursler Fundraiser - Cleveland - 4th
835th Jim Radovich 1707th 32.27 Midwest Gaming Classic - 10th
836th Madmike Richardson King George, VA 1709th 32.19 Magfest Pinball Tournament - 14th
837th Preston Burt Gainesville, GA 1710th 32.17 Jacksonville Arcade Expo - 4th
838th Steve Kalebek 1711th 32.15 Modern Pinball NYC Super League - 25th
839th Ashley Minton Newtown Square, PA 1712th 32.14 White Rose Gameroom Show - 4th
840th John Lim 1713th 32.13 Addaball Weekly Wednesday Flip Off - 4th
841st Jeremy Soronen 1716th 32.06 The Arcade Pinball League - 5th
842nd Curtis Baker Franklin, TN 1717th 32.06 Middle Tennessee Pinball Association Monthly - 1st
843rd Chip Morton Nashua, NH 1719th 32.01 IFPA Project Pinball Fundraiser - New Hampshire - 4th
844th Aaron Hanson Minneapolis, MN 1721st 31.96 IFPA Python Fundraiser - Minneapolis - 2nd
845th Tina Curtis Minneapolis, MN 1724th 31.91 Waun-a-Pinball Tournament - 9th
846th Brian Woodard Champaign, IL 1726th 31.89 Pinburgh Match-Play Championship - 170th
847th Mateo Leyba CO 1728th 31.85 Ultimate Pinball Carnage - 2nd
848th Andy Stubbs Eugene, OR 1731st 31.76 The Northwest Oh-Pin - 2nd
849th Conrad Weis Wheaton, IL 1732nd 31.74 Pinball Expo Flip Out Tournament - 83rd
850th Eric Mowrey 1734th 31.72 Southeastern PA Pinball League - 1st