Rankings by Country

United States currently has 13444 players active in the rankings system.

Country Rank Player Location Overall Rank Points Best Tournament
801st Erik Graciosa 1592nd 37.52 Cascadia Cup - 2nd
802nd Glen Braun Suisun City, CA 1595th 37.37 Capitol Corridor Pinball League - 1st
803rd Chris Flohr Columbus, OH 1598th 37.31 IFPA POP Fundraiser - Columbus - 2nd
804th Ashley Minton Thorndale, PA 1599th 37.23 White Rose Gameroom Show - 4th
805th Steve Pandol Moorpark, CA 1600th 37.18 Texas Pinball Festival - 13th
806th Eddie Cramer 1601st 37.16 Sito Pinball - 3rd
807th Peter Pinocci Hagerstown, MD 1603rd 37.10 DMV Inter-season Tournament - 6th
808th Eric Raymond 1604th 37.10 SFPD League - 13th
809th Christopher Meunier Reedsburg, WI 1605th 37.08 MadCity Flippers League - 1st
810th Jonathan Zacherman Madison, WI 1610th 36.86 Schwoeglers Monthly Tournament - 6th
811th Barry Schwartz Ellicott City, MD 1611th 36.83 Volleyball House Pingolf Championships - 3rd
812th David Pacileo Columbia, SC 1612th 36.82 Flip Off Hunger - Charleston - 2nd
813th Nick Pizzuti South Burlington, VT 1613th 36.81 Heads Up Shootout at the Pinball Co-op - 1st
814th Jeffrey Lepine San Diego, CA 1615th 36.80 IFPA POP Fundraiser - San Diego - 2nd
815th Sergio Johnson 1618th 36.72 Pinburgh Match-Play Championship - 87th
816th John del Mastro 1619th 36.71 OCPC league night - 5th
817th Dave Dimoff Portland, OR 1620th 36.69 IFPA Flippin With the Greats Fundraiser - Portland - 1st
818th Mickey Thoms San Francisco, CA 1622nd 36.65 SFPD League - 12th
819th David Spasic Cleveland, OH 1623rd 36.59 Flip Off Hunger - Cleveland - 1st
820th Matt Boschert 1624th 36.58 New England Pinball League - 24th
821st Max Stiles 1626th 36.44 Flip Off Hunger - Seattle - 5th
822nd Mark Meserve 1629th 36.39 Texas Pinball Festival - 20th
823rd Tony Teixeira Douglasville, GA 1631st 36.25 Southern Fried Pinball Tournament - 29th
824th Virginia Hendricks Washington, PA 1632nd 36.25 Clanceys Amazing Pinball Race - 12th
825th Eric Meunier Oak Park, IL 1633rd 36.18 WI Last Chance Tournament - 1st
826th Nicole Anne Reik Portland, OR 1635th 36.12 Pacific Pinball Exposition - 5th
827th Robert Ryan Columbia, MO 1637th 36.08 IFPA Oursler Fundraiser - Columbia - 1st
828th Benton Seybold Seattle, WA 1638th 36.03 NWPAS Satellite: Troll Madness - 5th
829th George Boyer 1639th 36.02 Pin-toberfest - 4th
830th Clayton Stetz Seattle, WA 1640th 36.01 Wednesday Flip Off - 7th
831st Jason Paul 1641st 35.98 IFPA Python Fundraiser - Lafayette - 1st
832nd Therese Edwards Logan, OH 1642nd 35.85 Columbus Ohio Pinball Association - 9th
833rd Jason Magnuson 1645th 35.77 Southwest Michigan Food Pantry Charity Pinball Tournament - 3rd
834th Dave Peller 1646th 35.72 Modern Pinball NYC Super League - 33rd
835th Brian McCauley Maine, ME 1648th 35.69 Pin Maine-ia - 6th
836th David Hosier Folsom, CA 1649th 35.68 IFPA Project Pinball Fundraiser - Sacramento - 2nd
837th Greg Gessner West Bend, WI 1651st 35.61 Midwest Gaming Classic - 33rd
838th Izzy Schwartz 1655th 35.48 IFPA Project Pinball Fundraiser - Sacramento - 3rd
839th Nate Shivers San Diego, CA 1657th 35.44 Texas Pinball Festival - 14th
840th Alex Kerr 1658th 35.42 Stern Launch Party Tournament - Los Angeles - 1st
841st Karli Pigford 1660th 35.31 Pre-IFPA Pinball Tournament - 1Up Lodo - 17th
842nd Lee Klevens Cheswick, PA 1661st 35.29 Pittsburgh Pedal & Plunge - 2nd
843rd Travis Batty 1662nd 35.26 Modern Pinball NYC Super League - 16th
844th Terrence Vaccaro 1663rd 35.22 8-Bit 4-Strike Knockout Tournament - 4th
845th Andrew Friedman New York, NY 1664th 35.21 Pioneers Annual Pinball Tournament - 2nd
846th Steve Deprez Billerica, MA 1665th 35.19 New England Pinball League - 19th
847th Michael Tibbetts 1669th 35.11 Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show Tournament - 12th
848th Matt Wenger Somerville, MA 1670th 35.11 Stern Launch Party Tournament - Boston - 4th
849th Mike Vanetten Parks, LA 1674th 35.05 Flip Off Hunger - New Orleans - 3rd
850th Russell Linsky Colorado Springs, CO 1679th 34.96 Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown - 3rd