Rankings by Country

United States currently has 14419 players active in the rankings system.

Country Rank Player Location Overall Rank Points Best Tournament
801st Chris DeLeón Hayward, CA 1542nd 40.96 Pinburgh Match-Play Championship - 281st
802nd Mike Korcynski Medford, MA 1543rd 40.93 Pinburgh Match-Play Championship - 238th
803rd Steve McDonald 1546th 40.80 Silver Balls Winter Tournament - 1st
804th Eric Schmersal Rumford, ME 1547th 40.73 New England Pinball League - 11th
805th Brian Leuthner De Pere, WI 1550th 40.59 King of the Fox Pinball Tournament - 3rd
806th Bill Disney 1552nd 40.54 Ricks Tournament of Terror 4 - Side Tournament - 2nd
807th David Cohen US Syracuse, NY 1555th 40.46 None Shall Pass - 15th
808th Dennis Eldridge St. Louis, MO 1556th 40.40 Flip Off Hunger - St. Louis - 5th
809th Jaime Rodriguez 1557th 40.39 Portland Pinbrawl - 20th
810th Rich Tanis 1559th 40.35 2015 National Baby Food Festival Open - 6th
811th Robbie Orsino 1560th 40.31 IFPA Project Pinball Fundraiser - Philadelphia - 1st
812th Steve Dunham Kalamazoo, MI 1561st 40.31 Pinball at the Zoo - 2nd
813th Danny Conlin St. Augustine, FL 1564th 40.30 GameWarp Tournament - 2nd
814th Mike Hafner San Jose, CA 1565th 40.25 California Extreme - 11th
815th Louis Gordon Seattle, WA 1567th 40.13 Wednesday Flip Off - 14th
816th David Klionsky Durham, NC 1568th 40.13 Flip Off Hunger - Charlotte - 2nd
817th Alex Kerr 1570th 40.02 Stern Launch Party Tournament - Los Angeles - 1st
818th John del Mastro 1571st 39.99 OCPC league night - 5th
819th Michael Tibbetts 1572nd 39.94 Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show Tournament - 12th
820th Aaron Cooke OH 1575th 39.91 Ohio Pinball League - 1st
821st Greg Gessner West Bend, WI 1576th 39.91 Midwest Gaming Classic - 33rd
822nd Bret Drew Gray, ME 1580th 39.79 The Maine Pinball Equinox - 2nd
823rd Paul Rose Tucson, AZ 1582nd 39.73 Phoenix PinGolf Challenge - 3rd
824th Scott Stephens 1584th 39.65 Pinburgh Match-Play Championship - 100th
825th Flash Haze Seattle, WA 1585th 39.58 420 Pinball Open - 10th
826th Carter Crews Fenton, MO 1587th 39.49 Flip Off Hunger - St. Louis - 2nd
827th Sam Snyder Seattle, WA 1589th 39.46 Addaball Weekly Wednesday Flip Off - 4th
828th Al Kuester 1590th 39.45 Chicago Pinball Mafia - 1st
829th Dean St. Antoine Escondido, CA 1591st 39.44 Pinmas 2112 - 1st
830th Dave DAmour 1594th 39.37 2015 National Baby Food Festival Open - 1st
831st Scott Henderson Monroe, LA 1595th 39.36 Texas Pinball Festival - 10th
832nd Alex Ward Smyrna, GA 1596th 39.36 Southern Fried Pinball Tournament - 8th
833rd Leslie Kozloski Worcester, MA 1597th 39.32 IFPA Project Pinball Fundraiser - New Hampshire - 2nd
834th Karli Pigford 1598th 39.29 Pre-IFPA Pinball Tournament - 1Up Lodo - 17th
835th Alec Seocanac Johnson Creek, WI 1599th 39.27 Flippin The Fox - 6th
836th Andrew OConnor Raleigh, NC 1600th 39.23 IFPA Python Fundraiser - Durham - 3rd
837th David Pacileo Columbia, SC 1601st 39.19 Flip Off Hunger - Charleston - 2nd
838th Dave Beimborn Edgerton, WI 1602nd 39.18 Midwest Gaming Classic - 20th
839th Barry Schwartz Ellicott City, MD 1603rd 39.18 Volleyball House Pingolf Championships - 3rd
840th Mickey Thoms San Francisco, CA 1604th 39.04 SFPD League - 12th
841st Brian McCauley Maine, ME 1605th 38.98 Pin Maine-ia - 6th
842nd Dito Milian Vacaville, CA 1609th 38.85 Capitol Corridor Pinball League - 1st
843rd John Fayman 1611th 38.81 Frozen Flip Off Tournament - 2nd
844th Alex Jeffrey Columbia, MD 1617th 38.72 DMV Intra-Season Tournament - 14th
845th Robert Martin 1619th 38.67 Modern Pinball NYC Super League - 40th
846th Mark Jarzewiak 1620th 38.67 IFPA Georgia State Pinball Championship - 1st
847th Nicolas Queiroz Middletown, CT 1624th 38.59 Pinburgh Match-Play Championship - 161st
848th Jeff Vandenberg 1625th 38.58 Grand Rapids Pinball League - 9th
849th Brandon Smith 1626th 38.51 Shortys Annual Pinball Tournament - 14th
850th David Brizzolara Orange, VA 1628th 38.48 Charlottesville Knockout Showdown - 1st